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  • I just found the topic with the answer to the question where people belong to. Some edit it to the profile, and who doesn't can't be look up in an easy way...
    Here is one visitor message, which didn't reach you: [ quote ]December 5, 2016 08:55 PM
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    Thank you. - Is it right, that you can't see in which Ajah an Aes Sedai is, when you look at a post? - At least not, if she isn't head of ajah or her signature tells something about it?
    [/ quote]

    I'm not allowed to quote here, but I like to show, that I'm quoting... :brown-blink:
    Hmm... ok thank you.

    There was one short message were I answered your answer (We don't have another word for them officially. ). I sent you a short 'Ok.'. - Did you receive that message? That is one of the vistormessages which I can only see at my account...
    I have written some visitor messages which I can only see under my profile - and not at the profil of the person who should received it. Is that normal or didn't they reach the other person?
    Sorry for asking you again. As a Head of ajah you are probably very busy. - But I don't want to start another topic... :brown-blink:
    The white tower I know, had two groups for Gaidin, but it was a much smaller tower. ;) - Female Gaidin are called 'Gaidin', here?
    Ah, ok. I understood that there is a junior admin for the accepted/soldiers, and one for the novices/soldiers level one. Is that right? - So novices and little soldiers go to same junior admin?
    I'm still working out, what is like the system I know of another community and what is different... :embarassed:
    On my way of making me home on, I started in the libary. - But I have no question about that to you. ;) - As you are head of ajah I liked to know, if every purple person is 'head of X' or a comparable position?
    Hello Roheryn Sedai, Do you as head of the Green ajah accept brothers as sedai or do you recommend me training as soldier then being a warder to an un bonded sister?
    Wow, that's amazing! It must be wonderful to spend so much time with horses. I did mostly dressage, and just a little bit of jumping. I used to think jumping was scary, but the last year I spend riding I really started to enjoy it. If I get a job soon I'm planning to take up classes again! What kind of riding do you prefer?
    Hi! Thanks for replying to my introduction! I was reading the pinned posts and noticed you like horses! I love horses myself, I did horseback riding for about eight years, until a few years ago when school got to busy for me to be able to go to the stable weekly. :) Really miss the horses though! Do you have a horse of your own or do you take classes?
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