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  • haha I'd never leave because I have too many friends! I have few enough where I live because most of them have moved away, and the few I do have I cherish.

    I'm glad though! I love sites where they make the newbies feel welcome. And don't worry, I don't bite hard either. :) haha
    Hello Roh! I'm glad to have a couple friends so early in joining. Most message forums I join I end up leaving because no one wants to say more than hello to me.
    I hear you on that one...but I do have some downtime working at night so I'm giving it my best shot :) all else fails I'll at least be glad I started, for me thats almost as hard as finishing lol
    I'm doing ok :pleased-1: How bout you? Going to be writing some more for the NaNo tonight (hopefully anyway lol)
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