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  • Oh, yeah! I love my signatures. :) I often have the big banner-sized one in a rotator as well 'cause I have a bunch of banner-sized ones I like as well, but Chalisea made a pony version of me which I loved. I thought she looked like a librarian pony so I added a book quote and haven't wanted to change off of that signature since. :pleased-1: The logic ones are all my White Ajah stuff, but I've accumulated lots of random other ones since I've come here, like the F you, reality one. :laugh:
    Thanks! :D Is it the pony one?

    I only ask 'cause part of my signature is on a rotator and changes whenever someone refreshes the page.
    I lied, I have a question already.

    Do you need to post 25 times before you can fill out the citizen application, or is it something I could do today if I wanted to?
    Thank you!!! Everyone seems very welcoming and friendly. I don't know that I have ever joined a website before and been greeted so personally! I will absolutely let you know if (or more likely, when) I have any questions.
    Hi there Vodan,
    For now I am one of the welcome committee personages and have the pleasure of welcoming you here today. If you need a hand feel free to ask me and so on. To become a citizen you need 25 posts and to fill in the form linked in the Introduction thread. Enjoy :)
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