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  • Ouran's one of my favourite animes. It's so hysterically funny but also gets you emotionally invested in all the characters. Whenever I read the manga I can hear that brilliant cast. When you finish Basara, you should go read it. There's a lot more to the story than the anime has a chance to get into.

    Hmm, I really should put those Tamora Pierce books on my Christmas list! I'd love to read the new ones. :joy

    I really thought Hayato would die at the end of the prison story. I was quite surprised that the identity reveal was only halfway through the series. It was nice to see each of their reactions and how both their ways of thinking change. Plus, you get to meet some really interesting characters after that : I love Kikune and Ichimatsu. Just when you think things couldn't get any worse . . . :laugh:
    :laugh: I've heard a lot about Fruits Basket. It's getting harder to get anime here, will definitely look up the manga when I've got time.
    Ever read Ouran High School Host Club? One of the best and funniest manga/anime series, with a really great voice cast, though I still prefer the manga. I love Tamora Pierce too! :joy Haven't read them in ages, though every time I read about Alanna in WoT, it reminds me of the Lioness books! I remember people used to hide them in the school library, so no one else would find them. They were and I'm sure still are really popular.
    Yeah, if I remember correctly, he goes off with Sarasa and some of the others to the far north - that bit's totally creepy until you get to the very end of it. I hadn't heard of Karneval either until I saw something about it on an anime/manga site I visit. It's classed as Josei, but it doesn't really read like that. I've almost finished Volume 3 and there's currently ten volumes, I think. I usually know if I like a manga once I get through the first volume. Of course, Basara's first volume, particularly first chapter, is such a shocking read I almost put it down! Another manga that I really love was like that too. :eek
    Well, I went to an all girls school, so maybe that explains it. We had all the good fantasy series plus some kinda weird ones too. :brown-blink:
    Now you're making me want to start it again! That's when Princess Senju (royal pain) accidently reveals it, isn't it? I've been reading a newish Manga called Karneval as well as The Great Hunt. Slowly though, I've had a lot of work to do, I've been playing Gravity Rush on my Vita to de-stress. :sleep
    Yeah, so well done visually when CGI wasn't as good as it is now. There are some really nice bonuses for each season - interviews with the writers, actors (some of them ;) ) and a nice documentary detailing the Christies auction they did.

    I think I've only been to our public library once and I've lived here my entire life! I really got into fantasy when I got to high school. Our high school library was a well patronized place, it was always busy! Strangely enough though, they didn't have any WoT books. A friend of mine introduced me to them (she'd been introduced to them by someone else), and for some weird reason, I started on The Great Hunt (which I'm currently re-reading). So about ten years :scratch
    Heya my lovely Gray Guidling!

    So happy to see you back in Gray! Did you have a nice guesting round 1? (Sorry if I'm being too curious)

    Also, I wanted to let you know that since I'm getting married this Saturday and leave for the honeymoon, I won't be around the next 3 weeks. Definitely feel free to contact any other Gray if you have questions!

    Haven't seen DS9 or Voyager for years, except for the "Trials and Tribble-ations" DS9 episode, which is included on one of the season 2 discs of the original series. It was really enjoyable to see that again. :)
    My sister and I used to watch a lot of TV back then. I think we get used the way TV shows are done these days, too, they all used to be episodic.
    I've never read any of the books, although I used to see them at the bookshops. Our bookshop isn't as good as it used to be, though when I started reading WoT, I battled to buy them. I had to get EoTW in two parts and the first few are secondhand American prints (those covers are so funny). Now, I've seen all of them in the lovely UK print (black backround).
    Non-Trekkies would be really confused as the numbering of the episodes on the box sets is all mixed around! I think "Where No Man Has Gone Before" is actually the first one that was shown on TV at the time. Most of the episodes can be seen out of order, though, due to their episodic nature. You'll notice the woman who is the First Officer in "The Cage" is Nurse Chapell in the rest of the series. No wonder she likes Spock so much ;)
    I know *sigh* By "pilot" do you mean "The Cage" or "The Man Trap" ? The box set we've got starts with "The Man Trap", which is I think, the first one shown on TV. Haven't seen the actual pilot yet, as its the last episode in the whole box set.
    You're so lucky being able to go to Dragon Con! Hope you had fun :)
    You're lucky you've got Netflix - even our satellite channels don't have much on, and I don't have satellite! How far have you got with Star Trek? My sister and I just watched an episode called "Gamesters of Triskelion". It's a very Wheel of Time episode :eek
    "I'm a doctor, not an escalator!" :laugh:
    My sister got me the newer box set for my birthday this year and we've been really loving watching it. It's a remastered version, so it doesn't look that bad and the things they digitized are quite subtle, so you don't really notice it that much. I know what you mean about VHS tapes, though. Haven't used our old VCR for a while :x
    :giggle I haven't watched the first series for a while now. Besides, Basara is like WoT - once you get started, it's very hard to stop! I love the end of Volume 5 - what a climax! I really hated Asagi in Volume 6, he's so manipulative and mean! :evil
    I've been watching Star Trek The Original Series and I really missed that when I went away. Of course, I managed to fit Eye of the World into my suitcase! (I've been re-reading:) )
    Enjoy your visit with your parents :)
    Hey! I'm back! Had a lovely time down at the beach, but couldn't use the internet! :tug

    What I meant by original is that Bones (the animation studio) first made a set of about 50 episodes of FMA when the author had only written about five or so volumes (it's as long as Basara). After the half-way point, the anime stops following the story of the manga and goes on quite a different path (the author had specifically asked them to do this). Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a kind of remake. It follows the whole manga from start to finish and is much more faithful. It actually ended in Japan as Hiromu Arakawa was finishing the manga. The first series is really good and well worth watching if you're interested in a different take on the story, but I really love Brotherhood :)
    :laugh: Are you watching the "original" series of Fullmetal Alchemist or Brotherhood? I have both :)
    I will be away for most of the next two weeks, so don't think I've left! :tug
    I love Ageha too! Kagerou, his owl, as well :cry My sister introduced me to it (she'd read it first). It's kind of like WoT for me, once I started reading it, I got so into it and just couldn't stop! The relationship between Sarasa and Shuri is kind of like Romeo & Juliet, if they were the heads of the houses! :eek
    I also rather like Asagi, I ended up really sympathizing with him by the end. One of my favourite parts is when the Red King and Tatara finally come face to face with one another :brown-blink: Total denial, and then . . . Brilliant! Actually, I can't think of any part of that manga I don't like! Wish they'd made it into a full anime like Fullmetal Alchemist.
    :D I love that manga! It's so different for a josei manga. Who's your favourite? Do you have a favouite scene? :clap
    Wow! I just have to comment on your avatar :joy So few people seem to know about Basara, which is a real shame as it's such a great manga!
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