Oversight by RJ? (Spoilers for book 2 and 3)

Dane al'Nyer

Jul 30, 2012
At some point in TDR, Perrin thinks to himself that he had seen an aiel once (I think upon entering Remen when he sees Gaul). He saw one in the mountains, but correct me if I'm wrong, I'm fairly sure he was there when they saw the three maidens in the stedding as well? Just me nitpicking I suppose..
Sep 10, 2001
Perth, Australia
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You mean this one I assume?

From The Dragon Reborn
"Ah, Lady, you might be calling them strange indeed. Your own radiant presence is more than enough to honor this humble house, Lady, and bringing an Ogier with you, but we have Hunters in Remen, too. Right here in Wayland's Forge, they are. Hunters for the Horn of Valere, set out from Illian for adventure. And adventure they found, Lady, here in Remen, or just a mile or two upriver, fighting wild Aielmen, of all things. Can you imagine black-veiled Aiel savages in Altara, Lady?"
Aiel. Now Perrin knew what was familiar about the man in the cage. He had seen an Aiel, once, one of those fierce, nearly legendary denizens of the harsh land called the Waste. The man had looked a good deal like Rand, taller than most, with gray eyes and reddish hair, and he had been dressed like the man in the cage, all in browns and grays that would fade into rock or brush, with soft boots laced to his knees. Perrin could almost hear Min's voice again. An Aielman in a cage. A turning point in your life, or something important that will happen.
"Why do you have...?" He stopped to clear his throat so he would not sound so hoarse. "How did an Aiel come to be caged in your town square?"

The Aiel he's referring to is probably this meeting of course

From The Great Hunt
He was a tall man, with skin dark from the sun and red hair cut short except for a tail in the back that hung to his shoulders. From his soft, laced knee-high boots to the cloth wrapped loosely around his neck, his clothes were all in shades of brown and gray that would blend into rock or earth. The end of a short horn bow peeked over his shoulder, and a quiver bristled with arrows at his belt at one side. A long knife hung at the other. In his left hand he gripped a round hide buckler and three short spears, no more than half as long as he was tall, with points fully as long as those of the Shienaran lances.
"I have no pipers to play the tune," the man announced with a smile, "but if you wish the dance ..." He did not change his stance, but Perrin caught a sudden air of readiness. "My name is Urien, of the Two Spires sept of the Reyn Aiel. I am a Red Shield. Remember me."
Ingtar dismounted and walked forward, removing his helmet. Perrin hesitated only a moment before climbing down to join him. He could not miss the chance to see an Aiel close up. Acting like a black-veiled Aiel. In story after story Aiel were as deadly and dangerous as Trollocs – some even said they were all Darkfriends – but Urien's smile somehow did not look dangerous despite the fact that he seemed poised to leap. His eyes were blue.
"He looks like Rand." Perrin looked around to see that Mat had joined them, too. "Maybe Ingtar's right," Matt added quietly. "Maybe Rand is an Aiel."

But your correct technically he has seen other Aiel.

From The Great Hunt
The Great Trees, with their massive trunks and spreading roots as thick as horses, needed a great deal of room between them, but several grew right in the town. Dirt ramps took the paths over the roots. In fact, aside from the pathways, the only way to tell town from forest at a glance was a large open space in the center of the town, around what could only be the stump of one of the Great Trees. Nearly a hundred paces across, its surface was polished as smooth as any floor, and there were steps built up to it at several places. Rand was imagining how tall that tree had been when Erith spoke loudly enough for them all to hear.
"Here come our other guests."
Three human women came walking around the side of the huge stump. The youngest was carrying a wooden bowl.
"Aiel," Ingtar said. "Maidens of the Spear. As well I did leave Masema with the others." Yet he stepped away from Verin and Erith, and reached over his shoulder to loosen his sword in its scabbard.

I think its most likely a typo supposed to say Aielman in that DR passage, as its pretty clear he's comparing the mans looks to Rand rather than Aiel looks in general and the other Aiel he met were maidens.

Or its just Perrin being a bit sexist, and not counting women as warriors. :)