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Frequently Asked Questions
Yep, this is the FAQ. We tend to see some of the same questions come up over and over again so we have consolidated these common questions and answers into one handy post. This is a good first place to check if you have a question--chances are good that you'll find it here. If your question is not answered here, please follow the guidelines in the "How To Use This Forum" thread to find your answer.

Please remember that all technical questions relating to the boards or reporting glitches, errors, etc should be emailed to Thank you!

How do I change my name on the boards?
Simply email Remember that real people process your requests so it might take a while to get done!

How do I get an avatar? How do I get a signature?
Please check out the great information posted by our Welcome Committee in the Introductions Forum. They have very detailed information there on how to get both avatars and signatures. Please note that when you are a brand new forum user, you won't be able to display a signature until you have 10 or so posts. This is a security feature to make sure you are not a spambot.

What new forums will I be able to see once I'm a citizen?
Check out the Membership Manual for a detailed list of forums and who can see what!

I know that many forums have Gobal Moderators/Super Users/Admins who can see everything. Who can do that here?
The following have full access to all forums and may, at times post in more private areas if the situation warrants it:
Amyrlin Seat - Serinia
Keeper of the Chronicles - Mieriana
Director of Membership - Alenya

The following have full access to all forums due to their position and the needs of those positions, however, they do not post/participate in them:
Director of Technology - Deoan
Archivist - Toral
Koyn Amyrlin - Eleyan

How do I become a Resident Citizen? What do I get for my trouble?
Resident Citizens have been a member of our community for at least 3 months. The only benefit of this rank is that Resident Citizens have access to a forum called "The Apartments," and the rank under their avatars is changed. There is a possibility of having a page in our library for contributing to the site, too.
If you think you should be a Resident Citizen, please contact the Mayor at to get your status upgraded!

I can't see the forums I used to; what happened?
Have you come back from an absence and found you've lost access to the City or forums like General and Mundane? Chances are good you were removed from the Citizen user group (or Novice user group, etc) in the last membership cleanup. Citizens should contact the Mayor at to be added back to the user group. Others should contact Sa'areah ( for the next steps.

Why can't I see the Current Events forum?
TarValon.Net now offers two ideological discussion forums - News & Politics, and Spirituality & Religion - as a place for an open exchange of ideas and personal perspectives. Participation in these forums is optional. They are intended to provide a place to learn from each other and our individual experiences, and help us connect to the personal impact of the world around us in a way that news sources cannot.
You can opt in or out using this form
How do I get my real life picture in the Who's Who?
Contact your membership administrator. Please note that only those who have attained the rank of Novice/Recruit or higher are listed in the Who's Who. Resident Citizens can be listed at request.

How do I change my email address?
Just go to your profile and change it; all correspondence will now be sent to the new email address. Your account will be deactivated until your new email address can be confirmed. If you have trouble reactivating your account, email and they can take care of it.

I have lost my password, how can I get it reset?
For the forums email or from an address registered to your account with TarValon.Net.

For TarValon.Net email, email from an address that is registered with TarValon.Net to

How do I find out how many posts I've made?
Post counts are currently shown under your avatar.

What happened to the Ajah and Company webpages?
The Ajahs and Companies used to have individually maintained webpages. These have been discontinued and community group information is now housed in our Tower Library.

How do I find my Private Message box on the new boards?
Hover over the envelope next to your name in the navigation bar to get a drop down of current conversations. Click the envelope to see all your conversations.

Can I PM more than one person at a time?

Can I recover deleted PMs?
Nope. Once they're deleted they are gone forever.

How can I edit a poll?
Click the edit button on your post and edit as normal.

Can I be near-siblings or first-siblings with someone?
The short answer is yes.

Can I have more than one first sibling?
In theory, yes.

Can I advertise my business site, or Wheel of Time/Harry Potter/etc site on TarValon.Net?
All members must email the Keeper at for permission BEFORE posting. Many forms of advertising is against our current posting policy. However there are always exceptions to the rule, and it could be that your site, or reason for posting falls within our guidelines.

Can I be an Asha'man? Aiel? Sea Folk?
The short answer is no. Our community is based on Tar Valon and the White Tower and as such we would not realistically have Aiel clans or Sea Folk tribes set up in the city. Also, having things such as Asha'man are potential spoilers for new members who have not completed the entire series. However, as the site is continually evolving to ensure that the needs of community are primarily met, it is now possible for Aes Sedai or Gaidin to be any gender.

How do I meet people in my area?
Check out the Local Events forum. Also, please make sure to read the rules for attending a real life event in the Tower Bylaws.

How do I get a mentor?
Except in unusual circumstances, only those members who attain the rank of Novice or Recruit will be assigned a mentor. Once you become a Novice or Recruit and filled out a short questionnaire, the Master/Mistress of Novices and Recruits will assign you mentors.

How do I get a roommate?
Only those members who attain the rank of Novice or Recruit will be assigned roommates. Once you become a Novice or Recruit, the Master/mistress of Novices and Recruits will assign you roommates.

What are the requirements for becoming a Novice or Recruit? How do I do it?
Please check out the detailed information posted in the Membership Manual or our City Hall.

How do I get sponsors to be a Novice or Recruit?
The best way to go about this is to simply talk with Senior Members whom you've encountered on the site. If you debate with an SM frequently in Current Events, why not send them a PM and get to know them. Chat is also a great place to meet people. We really are not a scary bunch; we love random PMs! Once you feel comfortable asking someone for sponsorship, do so! They might say yes, they might ask to get to know you a bit first. The worst they can do is say no! One thing to be careful about is making posts asking for sponsorship. You probably have very good intentions, but this is something many SMs do not care for so be careful!

How long do I have to wait to be a Novice or Recruit?
You must have been a member for at least 4 weeks. Your 4 weeks is counted from the day you were approved as a Citizen. If you have a question about this date, please email the Mayor at Remember that this is a minimum, not an instant-raising date. :)

What are the requirements for becoming an Accepted or Soldier? How do I do it?
Please check out the detailed information posted in the Membership Manual or in the Master/Mistress of Novices and Recruits office.

What are the requirements for becoming an Aes Sedai or Gaidin? How do I do it?
Please check out the detailed information posted in the Membership Manual or in the Master/Mistress of Accepted and Soldiers office.

What is the test for Accepted/Soldier about? What about for Senior Member?
Generally speaking, the test for Accepted/Soldier is over the books themselves while the test for Aes Sedai/Gaidin covers information about our community.

How do I sponsor a citizen for entry into the Tower?
You will receive an email from after the citizen has submitted their application. Simply reply stating why you think the citizen is suitable for Tower membership.

What do I need to do to take a Leave of Absence?
Please get in touch with your membership administrator. You do not need to make any public posts.

What is the "Heart" of an Ajah? What is the "Honor Guard" of a Company?
They are assistants to the Head of Ajah or Company Commander. They co-moderate the Ajah/Company forums and have other assigned duties that vary between the different Ajahs and Companies.

How do I bond someone? What are the requirements?
Please check out the Membership Manual for detailed information on Bonding.

How do I get new Ajah or Company items into the Café Press store?
So you want your Ajah logo on a tank top but the item isn't in Café Press? Simply email!

If any of the information in this FAQ is incorrect, please send an email to or so it can be corrected.
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