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    Happy Birthday Sa'areah I hope you are having a good day on the other side of the pennines...
    Hello, I registered so I could peruse things, but didn't realize that the username would also be the display name, with no way to edit it myself. Would you please help me add the last name of "Nolain"? Thank you!!
    Oh hi. I was told to contact you about changing my screen name from Poopy_pants to Zander Tevanick. Apparently Poopy_pants is not appropriate.
    Hey Sa'areah I send a mail to you and Kelgan a week ago (rhand00@) I think it got lost in spam could you please check your junk folder?
    Hello, I was a member a couple of years ago under the name Aliyah Motara, I was wondering if there was a form or protocol that I could fill out to re-instate my old status, apologies if this is the wrong way to ask. Many thanks in advance!!
    I responded once had noticed your PM Sa'areah Sedai, don't seem to have got any notification of having received it. I answered on the thread I started, for your perusal :).
    Hey Sa'areah Sedai, I was a soldier a while ago. I don't know if you remember me. My sn was Vrogak Dal'Drakor. Lyara said to talk to you about getting reinstated?
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