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  • Well this is another option, the problem is the picture is horizontal and kind of hard to be cut in the size you need for an avatar

    I will gladly help you with the avatar. I love the picture by the way but according to the forum rules the size should be exactly 110x170 pixels. Cutting the picture is possible but I don't think it will look really good. You may try look for something suitable here. I can adjust the size for you afterwards, the only thing you should have in mind is that the avatar should not be used by another member. You can check in the Who's Who Section in the Library. Have in mind that you still can change it if you find something better :)

    As for the signatures, most of us use signature rotators (like ) This way your signature will be different one every time you post. I can make a few signatures for you or you can ask here.
    Yes. There are stickies in the Introduction thread that gives you the steps of becoming a Citizen . :halo we Also have a Welcome Committee ...Sailea can also answer any questions you may have . Sai is awesome .

    Sea is my First- Sister . As for the question about how many bonds you can have . Red Ajah has to earn Merits to bond a Gaidin . Greens can bond 2 warders and earn Merits to bond a 3rd Warder . If a Green is bonded to one Warder I believe the Warder they are bonded to need to agree to the second warder and I believe the first 2 need to agree to the 3rd. (I could be mistaken) the other Ajahs can bond one Warder and earn Merits for the second bond.

    First you must become a Citizen . :tugs :pleased-1:
    It looks like you need 11 more posts to send in the Citizen application ! :halo Citizens App <----click here . Everyone can read Visitor Messages . Event services company?

    It took me a while to find my right Avatar . I thought this was fitting now that I am a Green Sedai :halo
    Hello and Welcome to our community :D

    I am Sailea Nerid, a member of the Welcoming Committee for this term. If you need any help with your avatar, signatures or anything in general, have any questions or need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to leave me a Visitor Message (the other members of the Welcoming Committee - Luna Morn and Jeem Al'Cazar are always available too)

    I recommend you to read the stickers on the top of every forum and especially the ones in the Introductions forum. You may also find the Membership Manual an useful reading :pleased-1:

    Once you reach 25 posts you can apply for a citizenship and discover a lot of new forums. Welcome once again and I hope you will enjoy your time here :hug
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