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  • After I have finished WoT I plan to read the current books in The Stormlight Archive series, then read The Mistborn Series. Good luck with your test in October :). I did the test in the "What Book Ajah are you" thread and got a tie between Gray and White. As of now I don't know whether I want to go down the Aes Sedai route of Gaidin, I suppose when I (hopefully) become a Citizen I will be able to have a look around and make a more informed decision. I know I would like to definitely like to go on the path to become an Aes Sedai or Gaidin though. Do you plan to do anything with the novels you have drafted later in your life - maybe (self) publish them?
    That is very impressive I would not be able to think of an idea which is novel worthy, only short story worthy (if that :laugh:). Are there any other things you enjoy doing? Do you plan to write another story when you are raised Accepted? I have applied for citizenship so hopefully it will be accepted soon. Just one more question... What Ajah do you aspire to? Is this the same as your mothers? (Sorry for all the questions, just interested :embarassed: )
    Unfortunately not, I do intend to write a few short pieces, when I get the time. I enjoy reading short stories and fanfiction a lot though (of course my favourite being based on science fiction and fantasy :) ). Let me know if you post any more short stories, I'd like to read them :) . I also noticed you post in the Crafts forum as well. You seem very talented :) .
    Hi Elyss, I just read the story you wrote for you and your mother being raised to Novice. It was really nice :) (Especially after reading the later comment your mother wrote :laugh: ). Do you write a lot in your spare time...? Or was that just a one off to commemorate the occasion?
    You're welcome! You can call me whatever you like. Pocket landlord is typical, I believe, but then, no one's ever used the term pocket bunny before. Since it's nothing official, it's really up to you. You can call me pocket landlord if you want - or pocket landlady if you want to be particular - or keeper of the pocket bunny or just Dnae. You can even call me something different each time if you want.

    Just don't call me late to dinner. ;)
    I've noticed you don't have a signature yet. So I made you one!
    Hullo, Elyss! I see you've gotten the hang of visitor messages!
    Before too long, you'll be able to apply for citizenship, and then you can pm!
    Pockets are very informal and really don't mean anything within the hierarchy of the site. It's basically just a stamp of approval as well as a bit of fun. Speaking of which... :shifty
    To add or change a signature, go to the top right corner of the screen, and click on "Settings".

    That will take you to the page where you can see your recent posts and change your settings. From there click on “Edit Signature”.

    That takes you to your signature edit box.

    It’s just like adding an image to a post. You can type [img*] (with out the *) With a url to an image in the middle. It will show up as a picture if you hit preview. There is also an add image button that looks like a picture frame with a tree in it in the little options menu above the text box.
    No I don't have a title. I'm a soldier. (equivalent of accepted) I'm glad you are having so much fun here! Many artist will request that you acknowledge their artwork in some way. A lot of people have "Avatar curtesy of ___" or something similar in their signature. Others will have a link to the artists gallery. Otherwise, feel free to file it away just in case.
    Hi Elyss, welcome to Tar Valon! :joy

    I'm Anarie, and I'm a member of the welcoming committee. Which means if you have any problems or just want to chat I'm always available, so don't be shy.
    I'm here to help you get on your feet. There are four other members of the committee (Ahmyra al'Ruley, Luna Morn, Kveldolf Tikvah, and Leo Kian) who would also be happy to help in any way.

    I suggest that you read all the stickies, you'll find them at the top of each forum. Also, thank you for reading the membership manual :pleased-1: It makes our job a lot easier :P

    You've come to the right place to meet other WoT fans, you'll no doubt find a lot of interesting threads about the forums where you can share your ideas and give opinions. It's great! Don't be afraid to just jump into threads, we all felt nervous at the start!
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