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  • Thank you very much!

    I have certainly enjoyed your presence on the boards.
    Thank you for being a part of this community.

    :hug :hug :hug
    Hi, Saowynn. I wanted to tell you that when you are ready I have a cool recipe for Persian jeweled rice. It has some neat ingredients that may take some hunting depending on where you live, but is fairly easy to make. Also I saw on one of the health boards that you are struggling with your thyroid. I realize this can be very frustrating especially once you think everything is going well and suddenly you hit a wall. Has anyone ever talked to you about adrenal fatigue and the role it plays with our thyroid function? I am a naturopath and I see this ALL THE TIME. Just like doctors, naturopaths can be great, fair, or poorly trained, but if you are ever interested in finding one in your area perhaps I can help. Not trying to be all creepy and up in your business, I just know how frustrating it can be and sometimes allopathic medicine can use some age-old help. Take care.
    Hello again! I actually love 90% of his work! Even his old student films of old ladies, vomit and alphabet soup. Fire Walk With Me is the crown jewel of artistic achievement and amazing symbolism! Mulholland Drive: Lynch seems to have plucked some of this film directly from style heaven. Inland Empire: disassociation is amazing! same with ancient gypsy curses! What are your favorites? And that's awesome btw, that you love Agent Dale Cooper so much. He is amazing. Except for in that one movie where the girl from Saved By The Bell becomes a vegas stripper (cannot remember title).

    "I want my garmonbozia (pain and sorrow)". Im very happy to have a new friend who knows what that means! So what do you think of all of this talk of a third season of Twin Peaks?
    you couldn't be an annoying newbie if you tried, seriously, we get so excited at new folks joining, we're probably swarming on you as it is! Will you be applying for citizenship? x
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