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  • :welcome Adhara ,

    I am Kassidy (kass for short ) I am also here to welcome you to our Community . Sorry I am late at welcoming you, If you have any questions or just want to chat shoot one of us a Visitor Message . (Pm once you become a Citizen) I notice you are 11 away here is the link to the Citizen application
    when you are ready to apply.

    I was at a Tower event indeed . Once you become a member and made real, the Community have fun little getaways and even local gatherings . You get hooked on going to them :giggles

    Enjoy the Community , If you need anything let me know

    Talk soon ,
    Hi !
    Everyone has been very welcoming so far. I feel right at home already and will definitely apply to become a Citizen when I'm ready !

    Thanks for the message,
    Hi there Adhara,

    Kassidy is the usual welcome person for all people up to N. Though she has been away at a event, so i shall welcome you. You will need 25 posts to be considered eligible for the Citizen status. You can apply for that through the link on the forums. If you need any advice don't hesitate to contact me.

    Syera :)
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