Grimketill Arjuna

I grew up on a farm stead near the boarder of Shienar. Our family moved there from Tear to try to find a new life. I learned to farm, hunt and fish, and the way of the sword, axe, spear and bow with my brother Grimma. I had a bad sense of direction and was constantly getting lost, so people started calling me Grimketill the lost. My father, Gereld Arjuna wanted me as his eldest son to follow in his foot steps. The gods had other ideas. On my 17th birthday I beat a man who had brought the honor of my younger sister into question. After I was tried and found guilty, I was banished from our village. Thereafter I wandered the land, using the skills I had learned growing up to survive, usually fighting for lost causes and some how winning. I eventually ended up in Tar Valon where I work rousting rowdies and drunks in a local Tavern. I long for something more.

In mundane life my name is Rick, I am a Sous chef at a catering company and a Viking age re-enactor. I enjoy doing many things the way ancient peoples did them, from cooking to knife making, wood working to textiles, I even do a little brewing. I love the Wheel of Time series and High Fantasy/Sci-fi in general. I am also an avid reader, and a gamer, both table top and video/pc games. Any thing you would like to know, ask, I am happy to talk with you.

many and varied, ask.
August 11
Jacksonville FL.
Citizen of Tar Valon
Freelance Hooligan