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    What is the Appeal of the Black Ajah?

    There are a ton of reasons people turn to evil. And keep in mind that there are different levels of evil from Horrid to slightly etc. Usually people turn to evil because of feeling inadequate or angry or fearful or some other Character defect. Its not always a lust for power. Sometimes its...
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    Past or Future?

    Our time is Both before AND After!!! Sooooo Deep!!!!:lol
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    Who would you be?

    SO Update: After finishing the ENTIRE series and seeing how AWFUL some AES Sedai could TRULY be to their warder I have decided that I was initially wrong :) I Concede to Deira that I have made a mistake. While I love the idea of being an honourable Warder, the reality MAY be very different:( It...
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    Best and Worst Scenes from Book Two: The Great Hunt

    Super worst painful scene for me is when Ingtar is revealed as a dark friend :( One of the Best? When he screams at the Shadow and charges in to redeem himself!!! :swordy:horsey:horsey:horsey:horsey:horsey:swordy:swordy :cry:cry:cry:cry:cry:cry:cry:cry:cry:cry:cry:cry:cry:cry:cry
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    What accent do you hear when reading WoT?

    Emonds Fielders AMERICAN! I LIKE it!
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    Who is your favorite villain?

    I think for me the scariest forsaken was Semhirage. He should have had her in the series WAYYYYY More. She was so much scarier and more interesting than most other Forsaken
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    Great Hunt - Smell O Vision Question

    Hmm. Maybe kind of an" In the middle of sexy time smell?" Sweat and body odor and..... Well maybe mix that with a little cucumber melon? :P
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    Least favorite character?

    Also Tuon was a huge suck Sandwich for me :) I just didn't like her at all. Not in ANY way. Same with Cadsuane! BARFO!!!!
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    Couples (whole book spoiler)

    Also I don't Like the Mat and Tuon relationship :) I know its necessary and he wrote the courtship very well. I just don't see what there really is to like about Tuon. :P One if my least favorite characters in ANY series LOL
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    Who is your favourite character?

    HOLY COW! BFF!!!??? Where are you!!!!!!????
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    So awesome! Its like I won an award! I've always wanted to be a font!!!!!

    So awesome! Its like I won an award! I've always wanted to be a font!!!!!
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    Least favorite character?

    And still has Mojo with an Arm missing! Pimp of the year!
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    Least favorite character?

    That's the Biggest reason I dislike him. He was already a Selfish P*ick. But then he screws her over in his desire to prove he is awesome. He was super vain. Don't like him at all :) Galad however I kind of like....
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    Least favorite character?

    I also Agree with Gawaine. He has ZERO redeemable qualities... Zero....
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    There will be some news today...

    I actually agree somewhat!