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    Does Rand love one of his women most?

    I think he loves Min most. Min has been always honest to him. She never leaves him. She sees his trueself not the Dragon or Caracarn. You guys said that Min does not have a life outside of Rand. Well she aint rich, highborn and she ain't gonna be queen of someplace. She ain't an Aiel. She aint...
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    Gay Character? (spoilers for almost all books)

    Don't feed the troll :D And thank you all for your answers
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    Gay Character? (spoilers for almost all books)

    Yes I've just read the 9th book. And They mentioned two Aes Sedai in Tar Valon were doing things secretly. They thought they might be pillow friends and there is nothing wrong with it. That was cool :joy
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    looking for a green

    Welcome to :welcome Oh you want to meet just green ajah and their gaidins? :( :\
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    Who is your favourite character?

    Same here but Rand is the one that i like from the beginning. I dont like Mat that much though nor Perrin. Mat can be fun sometimes(I dont like his deny to being Taveren. You're taveren deal with it.) but Perrin is boooring. :tug
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    Hi and Welcome :)
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    Who is your favourite character?

    Nynaeve and Rand. Both of them are so cool. I ship Nynaeve and Lan as a couple. :pimp
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    Hello from Singapore!

    Hail from Turkey and Welcome!^^
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    Hello My name is Nimmwaee!

    Welcome Nimmwaee. I hope you will start to read WOT as soon as possible.
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    Who would you be?

    I'll probably be adopted and raised like a warrior. :beer When I reach the channelling age, I'd go to White Tower and I'd be female warrior and an Aes Sedai of Green/Blue Ajah. That could be pretty awesome. Oh and I would probably fall in love with Rand. :smooch
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    They are cool too. We are forsaken. Cool cool cool :D I had an alt undead warlock named WalkingDead before the tv series. (before it was cool but nobody did care.) :\
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    So be it. My first character on WoW was female tauren. :D Thank you all! I couldnt find the PM button. I think its close to unranked people.
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    Congratulations Addelyn Sedai!

    Congrats Addelyn Sedai.
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    Congratulations Morrighan Sedai!

    Congrats Morri Sedai. :)
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    Recent Wheel Of Time Fan

    Welcome, being nerd is the new sexy. :giggle