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Aes Sedai
Mar 16, 2004
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If it were up to me I wouldn't be making this post but... Alas, Leala's been bitten by real-life and is ready to pass the baton. @Leala thank you for everything you've done with this role, you're leaving some big shoes to fill and I will miss your creativity. I'm still sus on those spamathon results though... :shifty2:

So, it is time to find a new Online Events Coordinator!

The Online Events Coordinator (OEC) is a non-rotating administrative position in the Department of Online Events. The OEC leads and manages the Online Events Team to plan and execute our community’s official online events. The OEC also organizes and maintains a list of member birthdays, and coordinates sending out birthday greetings throughout the year. Time spent in this role counts toward the Administrative Merit. The OEC reports to the Director of Online Events.

  • Must be a member in good standing within the Tower for at least 6 months.
  • Must be able to lead and coordinate activities effectively with a team working towards deadlines.
  • Experience running online events is a plus.
  • While it is not required, graphics and/or creative writing experience is also a plus.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Create and maintain a schedule for free weeks
  • Partner to maintain a list of member birthday and Nameday Narg's adventures
  • Manage the Online Events Team effectively, assigning tasks as needed
  • Work with the Director of Online Events to create events that occur throughout the year in addition to free weeks
  • Maintain or support the maintenance of Online Events archives and Wiki
  • Coordinate with Marketing and Membership to promote and publicize events
  • Time commitment will vary week-to-week (5-10 hours per week) and will increase leading up to and during official free weeks and other Online Events activities!

How to Apply:
Please send an email to "onlineevents@tarvalon.net" and "cordamora@tarvalon.net" with "ONLINE EVENTS COORDINATOR -YOURTOWERNAME" in the subject line. Please include any information you believe pertinent to applying, and ideas you would like to bring to the table!

If you have any questions about this role don't be shy to reach out! This is a great opportunity to cut your teeth in Online Events or really to just have a lot of fun with our community.

Deadline to apply: March 5th 2022.

Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum

Anime Sensei
Aes Sedai
Nov 21, 2012
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I'm still sus on those spamathon results though... :shifty2:
Hey! We counted on all our fingers and all our toes! It took a long time, because we kept having to secretly count other people's fingers and toes!

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