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May 6, 2002
Do you like freeweeks? Would you like to help make our site celebrations bigger and better? If so, the Outreach Activities Team may be for you, and we're looking for a few new minions of madness to start work in January

What is the Outreach Activities Team?
The Outreach Activities Team is a group of Tower volunteers who work with our Outreach Activities Coordinator to plan, prepare, and execute site activities, most especially our freeweek festivals Bel Tine and Shaoman. OAT membership is a TarValon.Net Staff level position. The ideal candidate for this position is motivated and creative and loves to have fun

OAT membership runs in 6 month terms, which commence in January (main event: Bel Tine) and July (main event: Shaoman). Towards the end of the term members are offered the opportunity to opt to volunteer to stay on for the next term.

We have a few specific, simple requirements that we must ask of you in order to qualify to be a member of the OAT (also sometimes known as ... an "OAT"). They are as follows:

  • You need to have been a member of TV.Net for at least 3 months. There is no rank requirement, anyone from a Citizen all the way up to Amyrlin may apply. Junior Members, this can count as your contribution towards raising!
  • You will be expected to have about 2-3 hours a week available to spend on the boards for planning, and more as required during the events.
  • It's not entirely necessary, but it's a plus to have experience and skill with graphics, creative writing, gaming, leadership, or event planning.
  • You must be willing and able to follow through with whatever tasks you volunteer for - please don't disappear in the middle!

As an OAT, you will perform one or more of the following duties, according to your specific skills and talents:

  • Actively participate in the planning and production of site-wide events including the official freeweeks.
  • Assist in running chat based events
  • Send out the Name Day Narg birthday cards
  • Produce the graphics, banners, avatars, award badges etc. as requested to make events tick.

How to Apply
So you're interested in selling your soul helping us make great events? Simply send an email to outreachactivities@tarvalon.net and outreach@tarvalon.net with a subject of "APPLICATION - OUTREACH ACTIVITIES TEAM" and mentioning your Tower name, with why you think you'll be a good addition to the team. Be sure to include anything that might help strengthen your application and help us match you with suitable team duties!

Applications must be in by Saturday, December 12, 2015.

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Feb 19, 2013
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