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Arella Mathara

Aes Sedai
Aug 23, 2019
Romerike, Norway
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The City Council is hiring a new Architect and Scribe. Architect is on a six months rotation and the Scribe on a 12 months one. Due to this being a hiring in the middle of a term I am looking for two people who will hold these positions for longer and sync up with the rest of the team when their term is up in July. So the Architect will have a term ending in January 2023, the Scribe in July 2023.

The City Council is a staff position under the Department of Membership and is responsible for helping new members adjust to TarValon.Net. The duties of the Council include welcoming new members, answering questions new members may have about the Community (including the Tower Bylaws or the Membership Manual), and moderating the Introductions forum.

- Be a full member of the site (i.e. must have attained the rank of Citizen or higher)
- Have an email address you are willing to share with the Mayor. Some projects may also require you to have an email address you are willing to share with everyone in the forum.
- Be trainable. You don't have to know anything coming into this position; you will be taught everything you need to know. Some projects may require you to use Google Drive.
- Spreadsheet experience is preferred for the Scribe.
- Be enthusiastic, creative, and forward-thinking. Ideal Council members will have suggestions, big or small, for how the Community can better involve new members.

Time Commitment
Must be able to dedicate approximately 5-10 hours a week to the position.

Duties and Responsibilities

In charge of special projects - i.e. getting Citizens organised for Free Weeks, keeping an eye and helping hand on the City forums, working on the Citizens’ Class, and whatever else we can dream up to help our Visitors, Citizens, and City be awesome.

- Maintains a Google Drive spreadsheet of the active visitors and tracks their credentials toward becoming a citizen as they move through the process.
- Help the Mayor organise documents or record information in other areas as they develop.

How to apply
Please send me an email to mayor@tarvalon.net and membership@tarvalon.net saying you would like to apply to the City Council. Please include your full site name and rank. If you have a preference, please state whether you are interested in being a Greeter or an Architect, or multiple specialisations (as stated above). If you have no preference, please mention that too.

Feel free to tell me why you would be a good person for this position. You may describe initiatives you've done in the past, detail your skills, or elaborate on your vision.

At this time I need an Architect and a Scribe, please indicate which you are applying for in the subject of your email.

Applications due by: June 1, 2022.

Send me an email or a PM if you have any questions :pleased-1: