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  1. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Merits, July 2021

    jfc I need to get out of here.
  2. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Update to Bonding

    NO. :| BE EXCITED.
  3. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Update to Bonding

    Thank you for all of your hard work in implementing this much-needed change for the community. Just to confirm, are people able to submit bond applications prior to June 1st, or should people wait until then to submit applications?
  4. Jeffan Caliarthan

    A walking chimera of various furies and petty qualms.

    A walking chimera of various furies and petty qualms.
  5. Jeffan Caliarthan

    How do I delete my account?

    Right there with ya, dude. It's been A Day. Also, email from the email associated with your account.
  6. Jeffan Caliarthan

    In Memoriam: Liam al'Eire

    I'm so sad to hear of his passion. I met him when he showed up at JordanCon as a surprise, and he was such a friendly person. I'm so sorry to hear that he lost his battle.
  7. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Congratulations to a new Yellow Head of Ajah!

    Congrats! And thank you for your work, Elania. :D
  8. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Congratulations to a new Mayor!!

    Congratulations Jahily! :D
  9. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Congratulations Soldier Grond!

    Congratulations, Grond!
  10. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Announcing our new Headmistress

    Yay! You're a perfect fit for this role. I'm excited to see what you do! :D
  11. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    As a complement to the "Why Did You Pick Your Name?" thread, let's talk about your avatar! I've actually had four avatars during my time at the Tower, but I've worn this face for at least a decade. I chose my avatar because I liked his vibrant red hair and just the general use of color in the...
  12. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Coming back to the City

    (Belated) welcome back! :D
  13. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Adanys Wynterwulf Raised live to Aes Sedai

    Congratulations! :D It was great seeing you raised live!
  14. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Sin Selar, raised live to Gaidin at Jcon!

    I mean, okay? :cheese (Congratulations!)
  15. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Congratulations Novice Viriva!

    Congratulations! :D
  16. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Hello there!

    :blue Welcome to the Tower! It's great to have you. :D
  17. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Not new as such

    I prefer Jeffan now, actually! "Jeffy" was cuter when I was around 14, but not so much now. :lol How are you doing these days?
  18. Jeffan Caliarthan

    Not new as such

    Hey Elessa! It's good to have you back! :D