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  1. Kaldam Luciere


    Any news on whether any forsaken have been cast yet?
  2. Kaldam Luciere

    Membership Clean Up 2019 - be amazing!

    I was told to come here and be annoying. Miaow Miaow Miaow Miaow My work here is done.
  3. Kaldam Luciere

    October Merits

    I won gold? Didn't know I was racing.
  4. Kaldam Luciere


  5. Kaldam Luciere

    Congratulations Mychael Sedai!

    Congrats mate!
  6. Kaldam Luciere

    Congratulations, Novice Zelinea

    WELCOME :evil:evil:evil:evil:evil:evil:evil:evil:evil:evil
  7. Kaldam Luciere

    The Fall Executive Meeting is coming! Time to Agendize!

    Do.....I don't know.......gymnastics.....or something....
  8. Kaldam Luciere

    Congratulations Alcyon Gaidin!

    About time :D :sds:sds:sds:sds:sds:sds
  9. Kaldam Luciere

    There will be some news today...

    Hell, I'd take Aginor's brief appearance.
  10. Kaldam Luciere

    There will be some news today...

    I'm not pretty enough to play Rahvin. If I shape up and dye my hair blonde, I might be able to play Sammael. I'd have more fun as Ishamael or Demandred though. :D
  11. Kaldam Luciere

    There will be some news today...

    I think now that this is official, I better get in touch with my agent to try and get me a part in this............ I'm sure there's a male Forsaken that can do with my inherit insanity
  12. Kaldam Luciere

    Companion discussion!

    I've so far been very surprised at the power rankings and scalings.
  13. Kaldam Luciere

    Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb. Another new era.

    Are we congratulating this or something?
  14. Kaldam Luciere

    Merits Awarded!

    Pffft. You can do better than that. :D
  15. Kaldam Luciere

    Merits Awarded!

    Where's my 'I am made of awesome' merit?
  16. Kaldam Luciere

    Congratulations Leira Sedai!

    They made you a Sedai? AND YOU JOINED BROWN??????
  17. Kaldam Luciere

    Announcement from the Board of Directors: Vivianna's Retirement

    Cheers for everything you've given the community Mother. It is very sad to see you go.