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  1. Taelinn Dolivras

    Congratulations to our new Gray HoA!

    Congratulations, sister!! :joy::tacklehuggle: Thank you for everything, @Maibella ni Rhoiden t'al'Varrak :hug
  2. Taelinn Dolivras


    When I first saw it I paused on the shot of all 7 colours and just stared. With my mouth hanging open wide enough to catch flies. I hope there will be official high res images of that out there soon.
  3. Taelinn Dolivras

    Congratulations Lokadien Sedai of the Gray Ajah

    Welcome home, brother, and congratulations!! :joy :hug
  4. Taelinn Dolivras

    Announcing our Outreach Activities Coordinator!

    Congrats Ilvy!! :tackle
  5. Taelinn Dolivras

    An Announcement: My retirement as Amyrlin

    Thank you so much for your service, Mother. It has been a pleasure interacting with you in our common room and getting to know you better. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into our community, and best wishes for your career :hug
  6. Taelinn Dolivras

    To my Tower family- Jaim al`Bearach

    I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and your daughters. :hug
  7. Taelinn Dolivras

    Maibella Rhoiden and Dnae Ila!!!

    Congratulations you two!! :yay :hug
  8. Taelinn Dolivras

    Keeper Awards 2018: Extraordinary Service

    Congratulations, Mother, and thank you for everything!! :hug
  9. Taelinn Dolivras

    Keeper Awards 2018: Staff Member of the Year

    Congratulations!!! :joy
  10. Taelinn Dolivras

    Congratulations to a new Head of the Gray Ajah!

    Congratulations, Siera!! :joy :hug
  11. Taelinn Dolivras

    Congratulations Narysse a'Jahar Aes Sedai

    Congratulations!! :hug
  12. Taelinn Dolivras

    Congratulations, Recruit Jarl!

    Congratulations!! Welcome to the Tower :joy
  13. Taelinn Dolivras

    A name change for Maibella...

    Congratulations!! :joy So happy for you :hug
  14. Taelinn Dolivras

    Congratulations to the new Mayor!!

    Congratulations, Asandra!! :joy
  15. Taelinn Dolivras

    New Head of the Red Ajah!!

    Congratulations, Eala !! :joy
  16. Taelinn Dolivras

    Congratulations Soldier Analiese!

    Congratulations, first mentee-mine!! :hug
  17. Taelinn Dolivras

    Name change and marriage announcement