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  1. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Announcement of the next Amyrlin Seat!

    YAAAAASSSSS!!!! Congratulations!! :joy
  2. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Announcing our new Director of Membership!

    Congratulations!! :joy
  3. Yarrow Al'Vare

    I wear pants in public

    Welcome to the site, Ken! :welcome
  4. Yarrow Al'Vare

    I am retired.

    Thank you for all you have done and welcome home! :brown
  5. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Congratulations Novice Miridyth!

    Welcome back! :joy
  6. Yarrow Al'Vare

    An Announcement: My retirement as Amyrlin

    Mother, thank you for all you have done for our community. You have truly been a wonderful Amyrlin. :hug
  7. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Jadira Paerael Aes Sedai

    About time! :joy :hug
  8. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Back form the dead!

    Most? :arch Welcome back! Feel free to shoot me a PM! ^^
  9. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Returning after Many Years

    Welcome back! :welcome
  10. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Congratulations - new Head of the Brown Ajah!

    Yay Aloren! :clap Thank you, Ella :hug
  11. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Congratulations Jeffan Sedai!

    Congrats, Jeffy, and welcome to the Shawl!
  12. Yarrow Al'Vare


    Yay! :clap
  13. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Hello (again)!

    Yay! :joy
  14. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Hello (again)!

    Agreed. This one seems better at it than most. He's also very good at getting side-tracked during lectures and ending up at least two weeks behind the syllabus, if not more. :lol
  15. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Hello (again)!

    Yeah, that does sound quite dry. How about spending 15 minutes discussing the distribution of Athenian red-figure pottery around the Mediterranean? Prof could have easily covered it in less than five minutes, but no. I think I zoned out during that part. :look
  16. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Hello (again)!

    All kinds, really. This term I'm in Anthropology of Children, and Archaeological Laboratory Methods and Techniques, which are both Anth courses. I'm also in The Ancient Economy, which is Greek and Roman Studies. So yeah, not exactly "practical" topics, but they are super interesting and I...
  17. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Hello (again)!

    I'm working on an undergrad degree, major in Anthropology with a minor in Greek and Roman Studies. It's fun. :D
  18. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Hello (again)!

    I'm still amazed that you came back! :lol :D I'm a little jealous that you're near to graduation and kind of know what you want to do. I'm nearing graduation myself, but I still have no clue what I want to do. :look
  19. Yarrow Al'Vare

    Hello (again)!

    IT IS YOU!!! :joy :tackle :dance Welcome back, hun!! :hug