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    Oh :(

    Oh :(
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    Who wants a EUROPARTY?!?!? Bids Open.

    Love Leeds, the underground market was great.
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    Who wants a EUROPARTY?!?!? Bids Open.

    York would be great, lots of history
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    Who wants a EUROPARTY?!?!? Bids Open.

    If there's no set time then earlier in the summer should work. If the times were more flexible, then maybe more people would offer?
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    Who wants a EUROPARTY?!?!? Bids Open.

    It's a shame. I would like to, but no way I'm handling it on my own
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    Congratulations, Estelyn Sedai!

    Congratulations :)
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    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    Ohh they're pretty.
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    Unicef Gaza relief

    Also another site to go to is. Direct Relief Aid for all suffering, regardless of politics,faith and so on.
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    Unicef Gaza relief

    Unicef have a site to help send relief to the children of Gaza. Children should never suffer. Unicef aid
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    So where on earth is all the merch????!?!?!?!

    All the pretty accessories \0/ The show ring if less blingly \0/
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    So where on earth is all the merch????!?!?!?!

    Yes that i have seen also. Isn't like the jalic ones? I like the theme of the show ring, but not the blinginess. So sliver with snake detailing on the ring and over the stone [ blue agate, lapis etc] What i want, i really want is the ear cuff Moiraine wore, but in sliver.. I love ear...
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    Rand: Book vs. Show (w/ book spoilers)

    I agree with the cheering for the liberation moment. As they wouldn't be able to see the group tottering on the edge of that tower to be honest. They would be unclear to the townsfolk on the ground who the hell stopped it, then the dragon of fire would be an indicator then.
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    I first thought someone was cowardly hiding behind Narg to post salty stuff. Although, Narg isn't that clever really and is really bitter he wasn't even featured in the series. Actually they decieded no lines was needed for his wit and allure.
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    Welcome Teavin Sedai

    Big congrats to you and the Reds! :red1: :red2:
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    Congrats to our new MoAS!

    Congratulations you, rock it in the dark red colours! <3