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  1. Onis O'Leia

    Hi Again!

    Welcome back, Anarie!
  2. Onis O'Leia

    Quinlan Isindil

    Welcome back!
  3. Onis O'Leia

    hey hi!

    Welcome to Tar Valon, Viktor!
  4. Onis O'Leia

    Hello All, I'm looking forward to joinging this forum.

    Welcome to Tar Valon!
  5. Onis O'Leia

    In Memorium: Rand al'Ren

    Sending a lot of warm thoughts to those that knew Rand more, and to VC as well as to Dovi. 💜
  6. Onis O'Leia

    Congrats Raeviendha, Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah!

    Congratulations, Raeviendha!
  7. Onis O'Leia

    Announcing the New Guilds Coordinator

    Congratulations, Analiese!
  8. Onis O'Leia

    Congratulations to Tree and Alcyon!

    Congratulations, Tree and Alcyon!
  9. Onis O'Leia

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to Tar Valon, Jase!
  10. Onis O'Leia


    Welcome to Tar Valon!
  11. Onis O'Leia

    The New Tower Calendar!

    Ah, that makes sense now. I will have to get back to this when back in Norway in 1.5 week.
  12. Onis O'Leia

    The New Tower Calendar!

    It says I must be logged into Google to see the calendar. Not getting to the page without logging in.
  13. Onis O'Leia

    Nice to meet you

    Welcome to Tar Valon, Aurelia!
  14. Onis O'Leia

    Welcome Merena Sedai

    Congratulations, Merena!
  15. Onis O'Leia

    Congratulations to Nymala Ingasy and Qamra Daielin!

    Congratulations, Qamra and Nymala!
  16. Onis O'Leia

    Congratulations Viktara Sedai

    Congratulations, Viktara! :red1:
  17. Onis O'Leia

    Welcome Arinna Sedai

    Congratulations, Arinna!
  18. Onis O'Leia

    Welcome Cinna Sedai!

    Congratulations, Cinna!
  19. Onis O'Leia

    Welcome Nadie Sedai

    Congratulations, Nadie!