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  1. Toral Delvar

    Congratulations to the new Historians!

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    Quinlan Isindil

    I thought I recognised the name
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    January 23 merits

    Continuing with my streak of getting both the year and month correct Big list this time - lots from Anni and a few we discovered from previous events. As always, if missed or mistaken, email, Edited Senior Membership Third Gold Cieon Maralyn, Ibon...
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    Announcing new Copywriting editors

    For this post, we had a couple of applicants and this time, I decided that hiring two, as this seemed to work well for many reasons was the best option So, congratulations to Elanda Tonil and Cattrin al'Modrah
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    Encyclopedia error

    Yeah, I had literally no idea what page you Rambo, what the issue was, or even if it was page at all
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    Encyclopedia error

    Sure, can I have a bit more context?
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    Hiring: Membership manual copywriting editor

    Sorry, no time frame yet. As a lot of the MM has to do with the Cordomora (and other parts to do with the Keeper), some of it will likely wait till we have some new person in that position - I want to be able to confirm with them if we make any major changes that what we saying is still correct...
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    Hiring: Membership manual copywriting editor

    Due to real life commitments, Stasia has had to step down from this role This is a stilla new position, so there is not yet any firm expectations of how many hours it is likely to take, but it will likely be variable, according to how often changes in policy require changes in the Membership...
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    Age of the Wolfbrothers

    Thats an interesting theory Is what we have on the fourth age - places like "Great Arvalon", Taralan and "court of the Sun" are not third age places, though it i easy to see how Tar Valon could become Great Arvalon. That said, I can't...
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    Age of the Wolfbrothers

    I think we have to be very cautious when people talk about "Age before the Age of Legends" - It is largely just speculation. We don't know how long the Age of Legends lasted, or what event marked the start. Did people in the Age of Legends know about the previous age? Following the end of the...
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    Slightly controversial thread about Rand

    That's also the case for most of the young characters - certainly Mat and Egwene fit this description. Perrin not so much, and probably not Min, but every time she looks at certain people, she gets a visual reminder of the kind of things going on in their lives. Egwene especially, is...
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    What are some themes in the WOT series?

    One of the ones we try to track in the chapter summaries is knowledge and information - how often people act on incomplete or incorrect information and how they reject new information because it doesn't conform to what they already think is true
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    Hello again everyone!

    Not great.
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    Hello again everyone!

    Hello, BiL
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    Members Choice Winners

    Thank you to all who voted, and especially nominated, the following fine individuals are the recipients of this years awards Outstanding Gaidin Involvement: Alora Sionn Outstanding Aes Sedai Involvement: Yenie Antagar Outstanding Junior Member Involvement: Alexr al'Petros Outstanding Citizen...
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    The 2022 Member's Choice Awards for the year 2022

    That because I gave it one more day then closed the poll
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    The 2022 Member's Choice Awards for the year 2022

    I'm going to give it one more day, then close the voting, so we can get everything ready for Anni
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    Slightly controversial thread about Rand

    It is interesting how people often have really strong but different opinions on characters. I can’t stand Elayne, she is my second least favorite character (my least has yet to arrive, and my contempt for Elayne fades into mere dislike in comparison to my burning hatred for this character) and...
  19. Toral Delvar

    Laurien's Journey Through The Shadow Rising

    It explains why the Aiel avoid the Tua'athon so much, and where their contempt for them came from, but as with the sword, most modern Aiel have no idea There are still a few things we don't see the beginning of - such as reverence for Blacksmiths, the splitting into septs or the begginings of...
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    Al'Thor and Al'Lan

    I think “ay” is the same, though in that case it got combined with the name - Aymara, Ayellin, Aydaer and we don’t have anywhere near as many examples