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  1. Satara al'Caelahn

    Is the Bore a hole in Tel'aran'rhiod?

    Same. I'll be honest, when I read the thread title, I was like "what?" But then I read the theory and it makes a lot of sense. I've thought about the Bore before and I knew it was clear that Lanfear bored into something but I didn't think too hard about what that might be or how it might...
  2. Satara al'Caelahn

    Main issues?

    I was trying to put my finger on why it bothered me, and this is it. The story (and by story I mean hints that we're given in the books and show and interviews and whatnot) is that Perrin and Layla got together almost immediately after Rand and Egwene got together, so he was already using Layla...
  3. Satara al'Caelahn

    Main issues?

    I read a theory somewhere that the love triangle was actually Perrin being upset that Rand and Egwene got together because he was in love with Rand instead, and while I don't believe that, I do prefer it. :laugh:
  4. Satara al'Caelahn

    Main issues?

    I'm pretty sure, yeah. He was elected to "release" their collective grief, and screaming is a good way to do that.
  5. Satara al'Caelahn

    Main issues?

    Agreed. Overall, I love that we're getting more backstory, more private moments, and more insight into Lan, and not only Lan, but a ton of other characters that didn't get a lot of "screen time" in the books. They're doing a good job of making these characters multi-faceted and relatable. It's...
  6. Satara al'Caelahn

    Main issues?

    Absolutely, for sure. If the show gave us a bunch of emotionless trolls for Warders, that would feel odd, for starters, but it would also not be very engaging. Like I said above, they have to show emotion in order for the audience to understand that it's there because the show doesn't have the...
  7. Satara al'Caelahn

    Main issues?

    Thanks for reviving this thread, SilentRoamer! I didn't post here when the show first came out because I was too busy defending it from haters. :laugh: My main issues were a little personal in the sense that there were so many scenes that I'd imagined, that I wanted to see on the screen. And...
  8. Satara al'Caelahn

    Hello Everyone!

    I didn't get to Anni this year, but welcome to the site, Jase! Pull up a chair. Make yourself comfortable.
  9. Satara al'Caelahn

    Congratulations to our new Director of Membership!

    You're gonna do great, Roh! :joy:
  10. Satara al'Caelahn

    Hello again : )

    Welcome back! I don't remember you, but I was on a LoA for like... 5 solid years so that doesn't surprise me. :laugh: What's new? What's old? What brought you back?
  11. Satara al'Caelahn

    Congratulations, Soldier Rhyin!

    Congrats!! :joy:
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    Welcome Nadie Sedai

    Congrats Nadie Sedai! :joy:
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    Welcome Cinna Sedai!

    Congrats Cinna! :joy: Welcome to the shawl!
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    Welcome Arinna Sedai

    Congrats Arinna! :joy:
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    Congratulations Viktara Sedai

    Congrats Viktara Sedai! Welcome to the shawl! :joy:
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    Welcome Merena Sedai

    Congrats, Merena Sedai! :joy:
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    Congratulations to Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum and Dar'Jen Ab Owain

    Congrats! Leala's just collecting us like Pokémon. :look: :laugh:
  18. Satara al'Caelahn

    Slightly controversial thread about Rand

    I think most of the characters are more or less insufferable from the beginning, but they grow as the story progresses. There are many that I couldn't stand at the beginning that ended up being very likeable by the end.