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  1. Azi al'Thone

    Congratulations to Stasia, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah!

    Congrats Sedai 👏 👏 :sword: :azi: :joy: <3
  2. Azi al'Thone

    Announcing the New Copywriting Assistant

    :clap :joy :sword
  3. Azi al'Thone

    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    Oohhh it's so pretty and m y s t e r i o u s
  4. Azi al'Thone

    …But it was *an* ending…

    Take care of yoself, mama *salutes* :sds
  5. Azi al'Thone

    Message from the Board of Directors

    :hug thanks for everything
  6. Azi al'Thone

    Resignation of the Keeper of the Chronicles

    Take care of yourself girl, thanks for putting up with us for so long :hug
  7. Azi al'Thone

    Stasia t'Andrei and Azi al'Thone

    I'm watching you, too :shifty I think I already did :look
  8. Azi al'Thone

    Pol Rohanson and Lauraine al'Thone!

    I'm waiting for the new folk to be like "who and who?? :look"
  9. Azi al'Thone

    Congratulations to a new Company Commander for SDS!!

    :clap SUCKER! I mean, congrats brother ^^
  10. Azi al'Thone

    Tar Valon 2017 Blood Drive!

    I got denied until the tests come back from the disgusting mole on my head T_T
  11. Azi al'Thone

    Tar Valon 2017 Blood Drive!

    Ugh yeah, I feel like they should've have a fishing licence for the last time I went and they couldn't find my vein again. This time, though, was a success! And a fast one, too. Clocked in at around 6 minutes :$
  12. Azi al'Thone

    Tar Valon 2017 Blood Drive!

    It was a sham! I was bamboozled! They lost my vein and after a few minutes of fishing for it declared me useless and sent me off with a few cookies :'( But I have a sick bruise and another appointment scheduled in 2 months :cheese
  13. Azi al'Thone

    Tar Valon 2017 Blood Drive!

    Canadian Blood Services rang me up last week and told me I was up for another donation, and thus I am scheduled for tomorrow! Count me! Plus the woman told me apparently my blood type (B+) means I save 3 lives per donation?! I assume some of that is optimistic statistic, but still, wow. And I...
  14. Azi al'Thone

    New Mistress of Novices and Recruits!!

    Could be just a mushy accent :giggle
  15. Azi al'Thone

    New Mistress of Novices and Recruits!!

    0% relevant to this topic, but are we related? :look
  16. Azi al'Thone

    Hiring: Director of Technology

    I left too many traps when I tried to sabotage Erin and it took another one down :( You've done a great job, Mendo! You will forever be martyred in my heart as the Slayer of VBulletin! Good luck to the next usurper...