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  1. Silencia Roamadred

    [Open] The Online Events Team is hiring

    This looks interesting. I am starting a new job in April and I don't know what the work stack will be like - for 6 months all I will be doing is product training and familiarisation. In the next couple of weeks I should know what the workload is like and time permitting I would love to be able...
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    Reintroduction after many moons away

    Welcome Sindar! It is never too early to indoctrinate children into reading WoT! :)
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    I hope I have Regurgitated these Words in the Appropriate Order

    Welcome. The series is definitely worth finishing. I think you will enjoy the Brandon Sanderson written ending to the series if you like BS writing. :)
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    Servant of All Playlist

    View: This song makes me think of Rand when he is going a bit nuts. "There is no you, there is only me"
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    I've not been here very long myself but Welcome!
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    Character's Personal Playlists

    Pure Imagination Remix by GhostCrawler - Hoppers Soundtrack. We will run together in the Last Hunt.
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    Character's Personal Playlists

    Honestly this is absolutely on the nose! Bravo :love
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    Lanfear - Is Tel'aran'rhiod really her domain?

    I definitely agree regarding the Forsakens rating of their own ability. Moghediens cowardice is one of the reasons I wouldn't rank her above Lanfear. The moment she loses the uppetr hand she panics and that lack of emotional control is amplified in TAR. I've always had this inkling that Perrin...
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    February - Celebrating Black Women Successes and a reflective book read-along

    In regards to the UK literature scene I think it would be remiss to overlook Malorie Blackman. Malorie Blackman Malorie Blackman is a British author with over 60 published works for children. Malorie broke a lot of fresh ground: Malorie was the first Black British Children's Laureate...
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    Mistborn - is this YA.....? It's totally YA.

    Thanks - that's not something I was aware of as a problem. I'll read the article and give it some thought.
  11. Silencia Roamadred

    Mistborn - is this YA.....? It's totally YA.

    I don't know what this means. Do female authors more routinely get branded as YA? To the OP - @Tree I think Sanderson writes Mistborn in such a casual tone that it ends up feeling YA even if it isn't actually YA? So it deals with themes in a light way - I mean for example Kelsier and his trauma...
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    Discussion: AU where The Dragon Reborn grows up with Moiraine living in the village.

    My view is that in the Wheel of Time primary timeline, all things happened exactly as they needed to in order to facilitate Rand repairing the pattern. I'm not sure having a close Aes Sedai would be that much help - I mean in TDR he doesn't seem to trust Egwene all that much considering they...
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    Lanfear - Is Tel'aran'rhiod really her domain?

    Recent revelations got me thinking about Lanfear. Driven by jealousy and love, Lanfear is undoubtedly one of the most interesting of the Forsaken. I see Lanfear as a tragic character, someone who never lived up to the expectations of her age, falling short of her third name and failing to win...
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    Tuon...oh Tuon... you are a hypocrite!

    Yes absolutely. I can envision young Seanchan girls that learn to channel actually handing themselves in because that is what their worldview would tell them to do. It's easy from the outside looking in and applying your own moral virtue to a set of circumstances, but the Seanchans moral...
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    Tuon...oh Tuon... you are a hypocrite!

    I had a really good think about this - I am not so sure Tuon could overturn the norms and customs of the Seanchan. I am not so sure that the upper Echelons of the Blood would not rebel and bring along sufficient support to prevent the overturning of their political and moral systems of...
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    Favorite Lines from the books - Spoilers

    When Rand tries to bring the girl back from the dead in TDR. I wouldnt say favourite but that part always hits hard. Just this image of a dead girl being lifted up by an invisible force and blood spraying out of her dead body as Rand cries in vain to make her live despite the power coursing...
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    Effectiveness of healing what is considered unhealable - Spoilerish

    So there are a few things we know cannot be healed and also some limitations to healing. Death cannot be healed - the scene where Rand tries in TDR is really heartbreaking. We know there are certain types of mental illness which cannot be healed, even during the AoL. Graendel was one of the...
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    FoHCh. 52--Did Lanfear use Compulsion on Moiraine??

    We don't know the underpinning metaphysics of the seals so it's difficult to say. We do however know these were made by the Dragon and the Hundred Companions, which means they are tainted Cuendillor. They are fused with the entropic nature of the taint which embodies Chaos. We also know the...
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    Favorite Lines from the books - Spoilers

    "Cadsuane," he said softly, "do you believe that I could kill you? Right here, right now, without using a sword or the Power? Do you believe that if I simply willed it, the Pattern would bend around me and stop your heart? By . . . coincidence?" Being ta'veren didn't work that way. Light! It...
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    GIANT Wheel of Time secret coming in January, Brandon Sanderson has kept it secret for ten+ years, and is revealing it in January

    This is me at the moment - I'm on my first ever re-read but luckily I do have a really good memory for stories and plots. The WoT Universe is so big and complex though that this re-read is fabulous for all the details I missed before and having a contextual understanding of things so I can see...