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  1. Quinlan Isindil

    Quinlan Isindil

    Thanks everyone.
  2. Quinlan Isindil

    Quinlan Isindil

    Hi everyone! My real name is Ryan, I'm 43 years old, divorced, have two sons. I live in Sandy, UT. I'd love to become a senior member again.
  3. Quinlan Isindil

    Extra Batch of Merits

    Well look at that! I've achieved something! ;)
  4. Quinlan Isindil

    Bond Statistics?

    *rides out wave of nostalgia*
  5. Quinlan Isindil

    Bond Statistics?

    No one forgets Jorryn. At least, I won't. :D
  6. Quinlan Isindil

    Bond Statistics?

    I find it interesting that DM's are mostly bonded to Greens. I would have expected VC to be leading that charge.
  7. Quinlan Isindil

    Congratulations Leo Sedai!

    Leo Sedai. Got a nice ring to it. It's cool having the Aes Sedai be what they always were. :D Congrats!
  8. Quinlan Isindil

    Things that surprised you

    I was surprised that they let Moridin take Callandor and then exploited it to make a massive three Power weave. Call me blind for not seeing that coming somehow, but I was so impressed by that turn of events that I was laughing at the awesomeness of the idea. One of those "Yes, we were really...
  9. Quinlan Isindil

    The 3rd Age next time around

    Ultimately I would guess that with the bore sealed, it's ready for Mierin to poke a hole in it again.
  10. Quinlan Isindil

    A crazy theory about Rand and Moridin:

    I was listening to the audio of The Great Hunt today, and I something Ba'alzamon said to Rand made me wonder if the Wheel is so much of a circle that Ishamael/Moridin is the same person as the Dragon but a cycle ahead, twisted and tainted by evil to serve the Dark One. It's in Chapter 15 where...
  11. Quinlan Isindil

    Servant Of All System Beta Launch!!!

    I take it this is for activities completed in December as well? I did do something about a week and a half ago, but I don't want to claim it if we're starting from this month.
  12. Quinlan Isindil

    Announcing our Fall Ball 2013 location!

    I get to go to my second Fall Ball!!! I'm so happy for this. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  13. Quinlan Isindil

    Congratulations Nandi Sedai!

    Yay for more Blue Sisters! Congrats. :D
  14. Quinlan Isindil

    Congratulations Soldier Alcyon!

    Congrats fellow Soldier. :D
  15. Quinlan Isindil

    Congratulations Soldier Quinlan!

    :look What madness is this?! You didn't tell me that's why I was answering all those questions! ;)
  16. Quinlan Isindil

    Congratulations Willow Sedai!

    Yay! Well done Aes Sedai. :D *hides his jealousy*
  17. Quinlan Isindil

    Hiring - Mistress of Novices

    Aww, I would totally put in for this if not for that pesky fact of being male. And a Recruit. :lol
  18. Quinlan Isindil

    Congratulations Addelyn Sedai!

    Well done Addelyn. :D