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    [Open] The Online Events Team is hiring

    Send in an app and make it official!
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    [Open] The Online Events Team is hiring

    :yay: Fun and shenanigans are to be had!!!
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    New Assistant to the Director of Research and Records

    Oh good, another reason to tie a rope around him. :D Congrats Zoul!
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    Announcing our new Social Media Manager!

    Yayyyy! Congratulations!!
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    Our New Tower Gatekeepers!

    Oddly, that becomes me as well. :look: :cheese Cloths are for squares.
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    Our New Tower Gatekeepers!

    My work here is done.
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    Our New Tower Gatekeepers!

    Yay! Congratulations [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
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    Congratulations to our new Director of Online Events!!

    I want to take a moment to again thank you @Nadezhda al'Lanahrin for all your work with Online Events! :hug We had a couple well qualified applicants for this position making this a difficult decision, but I am excited to share with you our new Director of Online Events: @Adina al'Mari...
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    We have a new Online Events Coordinator!!!

    I am thrilled to announce not only that we have a new Online Events Coordinator but that Kassidy has accepted the role! Kassidy brings years of experience with our OATS team and I know that she is going to be excellent! This could also be your chance to work with a veteran on some upcoming...
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    The Guild Hall is now OPEN for business!

    Hey! I am very excited to share this news with you: Our Guild Hall is now open and Ana, our amazing Guilds Coordinator, is ready to receive your applications! After ten long years we are at long last reviving the Guilds! As of today the Guild Hall is back and waiting only for...
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    TarValon.Net Patreon

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    New CC of DM!

    Thank you @Vendri al'Varrak and congratulations to DM and @Ivanor Winshaw!
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    Allow myself to reintroduce.... myself...

    Oh! @Ivanor Winshaw, I still very much like grilled corn- but I'm also not a vegetarian anymore. :look: Just sayin.
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    [Closed] Hiring: Director of Online Events

    BUMP! Last daaaayyyyyy!!!
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    Announcing our new Head Moderator!!

    I mean... at least as long as it takes to set up his permissions? Maybe?
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    Announcing our new Head Moderator!!

    It is with great delight that I get to make this announcement! We have a newly minted Head Moderator!! Congratulations @Ty al'Djinn!!! I am looking forward to working with you! :wave1::wave1::wave1: We're all going to go easy on him, right?
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    [Closed] Hiring: Director of Online Events

    Due to a lack of applicants I am going to extend the deadline to March 1st. Anyone considering this role, please reach out! It is an excellent opportunity that I don't want you to miss out on a role like this is one that will allow you a lot of flexibility to make it your own.
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    [Closed] Hiring: Online Events Coordinator

    If it were up to me I wouldn't be making this post but... Alas, Leala's been bitten by real-life and is ready to pass the baton. @Leala thank you for everything you've done with this role, you're leaving some big shoes to fill and I will miss your creativity. I'm still sus on those spamathon...