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  1. Nynyra Falas

    Liam al' Eire and Qamra Daielin!!!

    Oh, congrats to you both!! :joy :joy :D
  2. Nynyra Falas

    Announcement of the next Amyrlin Seat!

  3. Nynyra Falas

    Congratulations Accepted Juliya!

    Oh, congrats Juliya! :)
  4. Nynyra Falas

    Congratulations Soldier Thaddius!

    Congrats Thad! :joy
  5. Nynyra Falas

    Congratulations Novice Viriva!

  6. Nynyra Falas


    I don't know this KJ Apa but from pictures it looks as if he would fit. :) This facebook guy looks not so much Randish and he looks to old... :look Maybe we have a Rand here, with good understanding of the story who should go to that casting! Having one of us in the set would be so awesome!
  7. Nynyra Falas

    Adanys Wynterwulf Raised live to Aes Sedai

    Congrats Adanys ... Sedai!! :joy Congrats to the white Ajah! :)
  8. Nynyra Falas

    Congratulations Novice Bracken

    Congrats Bracken! I am to less active, your name says nothing to me, but that may change now, since you are in the tower. :)
  9. Nynyra Falas

    April Merits Part 2

  10. Nynyra Falas

    In Memoriam: Strelok Stormhorn

    :hug @Mellaine Murrai Such good friends like you were for Sterlok are very important and that can be very hard to go through all the hard times... One of my long year online friends got very ill in January and I started to send emails with his father a short while ago...
  11. Nynyra Falas

    In Memoriam: Strelok Stormhorn

    2019 seems to be strong in sad news... :( I didn't know Strelok and can't remember him from the forum, but to all the ones who knew him.... Keep him in your heart! [Yesterday, I met some friends and we all met at the house of a couple. In the same house, there live the parents of him. We all...
  12. Nynyra Falas

    Members' Choice Awards!

    Congratulations! :)
  13. Nynyra Falas

    Hiring: Head of the Yellow Ajah

    Oh.... that was quick... time is running. Thank you Elania.... :)
  14. Nynyra Falas

    April Merits Part 1