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  1. Aran Cherubim

    Backstroke shifting entire paragraphs

    Ah, pity. But at least it's known.
  2. Aran Cherubim

    Push Notification Notification

    I have the same issue on Chrome. Sometimes Chrome just... logs me out of all my accounts on all websites, for reasons I am not entirely sure of (updates, maybe? clearing caches?) and whenever I have to log back into this place, the notification recurs, regardless of whether I've pushed "never...
  3. Aran Cherubim

    Backstroke shifting entire paragraphs

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I have this annoying issue where if I use the enter button to change lines for a new paragraph, and then push backstroke at any point when writing on the new paragraph, it will somehow shift the entire new paragraph back towards the...
  4. Aran Cherubim


    Welcome, neighbor! ^^
  5. Aran Cherubim

    Magnus Says Hi

    Welcome! Your opening comment reminded me of when my brother used to have a few pigs, and we butchered one of them to have for a summer BBQ party in the local area. It was a real feast!
  6. Aran Cherubim

    Back from the Shadows

    Welcome back!
  7. Aran Cherubim


    Welcome to the site! And good luck on the reread. ^^
  8. Aran Cherubim

    Members Choice Winners

    Very much deserved, Alexr! :joy: Congrats to everyone, and holy moley thank you all!
  9. Aran Cherubim

    Ahoy the camp

  10. Aran Cherubim

    Nice to meet you

    ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. Err, I mean, welcome. This is not a cult. :)
  11. Aran Cherubim

    Hello Everyone!

    Yo! Welcome to the site! Stay a while and listen spam!
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    Welcome, Gryjedi! :D
  13. Aran Cherubim

    Hello again everyone!

    Ooph! Best wishes and hope you recover soon, Vorusean!
  14. Aran Cherubim

    Hello again : )

    Yo, Dars! Welcome back, just realized I've missed seeing you around! ^^
  15. Aran Cherubim

    Hello again everyone!

    Heyo! Welcome back, and come on down to spamming town! :clap2:
  16. Aran Cherubim

    Hello! :)

    Jumping into the deep end, I like it!
  17. Aran Cherubim

    Hello! :)

    Holey moley that is one impressive posting rate. Welcome! :laugh:
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    Welcome back! Just thought I'd formally wish you welcome after bumping into you around the site. :P
  19. Aran Cherubim

    Hello from the southeast US

    Eyh, welcome! Hope you found the site to your liking! I've heard about that series several time, especially back when I browsed TVtropes extensively. I should put it on my to-read list!
  20. Aran Cherubim

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the site! I'm glad Melina got you on! ^^ I've always liked Damer too, it's interesting to see the older characters become channelers, since they suddenly have ways to carry out lifelong pursuits. And you'll find many other LotR and Witcher fans here, I suspect.