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    i dont want to call you "anything" :( V is fine ;)
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    hi all

    yeah, we are the 6th most visited country in the world. next time please join your husband, you wont be disappointed :p
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    hi all

    thank you all again, i now have way too many people to ask if i need anything :p I guess it will be really nice to reread them in english but you know, who got that much time :(
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    hi all

    thank you all for this warm welcome :) i read the books in turkish, i only bought 13th book from ebay because i didnt want to wait for translation, but it turned out its too late for that, i should've start to read them in english from the beginning :)
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    tek türk olmadığımı bilmek güzelmiş burada :)
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    hi all

    greetings everyone, im joining you from turkey. i'm a fan of wot for nearly 10 years, and in lookin forward to have fun with you all. thanks!