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  1. Ashlyn Sindal

    It Who Must Not Be Named (Winter Dragon)

    I think you and I have different ideas of what constitutes "early on." :lol
  2. Ashlyn Sindal

    Maibella Rhoiden and Dnae Ila!!!

    Congrats, you two!
  3. Ashlyn Sindal

    Wil Cambrae and Ahmyra al'Ruley

  4. Ashlyn Sindal

    [Casting] Nynaeve

    For Nynaeve, I submit Lucy Hale: She's tiny, dark hair and eyes, is a little older than Nynaeve but looks way younger than she actually is, has the acting chops to pull it off, and can throw a temper tantrum like nobody's business.
  5. Ashlyn Sindal

    Where to begin...

    Welcome! It's good to have you. Do you have a favorite character?
  6. Ashlyn Sindal

    Dnae Ila and Narysse a'Jahar

  7. Ashlyn Sindal

    What do you think can be removed to create a good TV Series?

    They could probably trim the Shaido stuff considerably without much loss. The main storyline is important, but not only is the Perrin/Shaido stuff yawn-worthy, we really don't need hours upon hours of Sevanna and her Wise Ones being awful, either. Also, all of the sniping between Berelain and...
  8. Ashlyn Sindal

    LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Television Series

    One thing I'd really like to see is just casual existence of queer relationships. Replace the problematic idea of Pillow Friends with actual relationships between women in the Tower. Have some of the men who show up with their families to train at the Black Tower bring husbands instead of wives...
  9. Ashlyn Sindal

    Avendaella Tikvah and Alora Sionn

    Congrats, you two!
  10. Ashlyn Sindal

    Congratulations, Novice Mewl!

    Welcome to the Tower, Mewl!
  11. Ashlyn Sindal

    Congratulations Alyccea Sedai!

    Congrats, Alyccea! Welcome to the Shawl. :)
  12. Ashlyn Sindal

    Group pride merit

    I support this motion on the grounds that calling it "group pride" marginalizes misanthropes and also because the Triforce is awesome.
  13. Ashlyn Sindal

    Congratulations Jenalla Sedai!

    Welcome home, Sister. :D
  14. Ashlyn Sindal


    If you're interested in making a shawl, there are some great resources over in the Hand Crafts section of the Discussion Halls.
  15. Ashlyn Sindal

    plans going forward

    I just saw this, but I hope everything went well! :hug
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    Welcome, Kailee! :D
  17. Ashlyn Sindal

    Congratulations, Accepted Tallan!

    Congrats, Tallan! Welcome to the Ring. ^^
  18. Ashlyn Sindal

    Well... I'm back :)

    Welcome back!