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  1. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    Mistborn - is this YA.....? It's totally YA.

    I've never really liked the classification of YA, especially based on tropes or basic plots. Then again, I read IT in 3rd grade, so my perceptions might be skewed. Reading helped me experience so many things without ever actually experiencing them, that I think limiting what people are able to...
  2. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    We can make profile posts? (look who doesn't pay attention to tech stuff lol)

    We can make profile posts? (look who doesn't pay attention to tech stuff lol)
  3. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    December – Simply COEXIST

    Message moved, because I'm derptastic lol
  4. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    Recent Developments!

    I think I might become Dragonsworn - Masema is so pretty!
  5. Sorcha Al'Verdan Brings You...TarValon Predicts!

    I predict we get Loial in the next episode.
  6. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    S1E3 "A Place of Safety" -- w/ Book Spoilers

    Thoughts on Thom. - I imagine a good gleeman would change his performance to suit his audience (I don't sing the same way at karaoke as I did when I was in college choir, after all...). This was a low tavern, not the kind of place where High Chant and the complete Karetheon cycle would be...
  7. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    S1E2 "Shadow's Waiting" -- w/ Book Spoilers

    I think that Fain (who possibly already had a run in with Mordeth, or they just merged the characters) is already aligned with Mashadar - but Mashadar is trapped in Shadar Logoth still. Notice how Fain started whistling, and it came out like an eager puppy? I think his plan was to wait until...
  8. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Television Series

    I think Moiraine and Siuan both being Bi would be amazing
  9. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    Recent Developments!

    I still pronounce that 'A Mary Sue' - because its amusing
  10. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    I can't do the TV show, does it make me a bad wheel of time fan?

    Nah, you're not honor bound to like all adaptations because you like the source material...
  11. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    Official trailer!

    I think it's the 1st commander of the companions, and Tam is on the ground as a witness. Shaiel kills him, but gets wounded, and Tam reagins consciousness later and finds her atop dragonmount...
  12. Sorcha Al'Verdan


    I mean, I'm sure we can find a different epithet. Delusional Dipshits? Pedantic Pauldron Pissants?
  13. Sorcha Al'Verdan


    I'm cool with their appearance but I'm wondering if they're still gonna be called Whitecloaks? Seems like they're missing the crucial article of clothing for that epithet to be applicable.
  14. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    TV Thom Merrilin

    I totally agree about about that compatibility factor being less questionable. I swear to God if I see one more picture of Sam flipping Elliot in relation to Thom I'm gonna lose my sh*t... Just no.
  15. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    First Trailer discussion: Who was the crying man and why was he crying?

    Have we seen Elyas yet? Because it seems to me that Stepin there doesn't have the whole Warder berserk rage thing happening... That plus the axe makes me think they are going to merge the characters... A Warder without his Aes Sedai (for whatever reason) becoming a wolfbrother instead of...
  16. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    Spoiler Free - WOT as an Intro to Fantasy

    Its way too long. Dragonlance Chronicles was my intro and I can't think of a better one.
  17. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    Necessary Cameos?

    Deadpool (jk)
  18. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    Which series should I read?

    Rock on man, the Mistborn trilogy is where I first really got a hint of BS's real potential as an author. You're in for a ride :)
  19. Sorcha Al'Verdan

    WoT TV Budget

    Are we absolutely sure that isn't in some other denomination? I find that number to be absolutely unbelievable... It wouldn't surprise me to find that being the budget in crowns, shich is the national currency of the Czech Republic. (1 czech crown is worth $.04)