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  1. Fenya al'Caem

    Marvel at the Turning of the Wheel

    Ooh yes, Shuri is also perfect!
  2. Fenya al'Caem

    Marvel at the Turning of the Wheel

    Aludra as Tony Stark, maybe? I feel like they’re both inventors so it kind of fits?
  3. Fenya al'Caem

    Hello to all

    Welcome to TarValon!
  4. Fenya al'Caem

    Apr 24 Merits

    Congratulations, everyone!
  5. Fenya al'Caem

    Mother’s Milk in a cup!

  6. Fenya al'Caem

    Welcome to the Ring, Accepted Elleria!

    Congratulations, Elleria!
  7. Fenya al'Caem

    Every Other Thursday Movie Nights!

    Can't wait for Galaxy Quest!
  8. Fenya al'Caem

    An Introduction

    Welcome to TarValon, Freagar!
  9. Fenya al'Caem

    2024 Officer Awards

    Congratulations, everyone!
  10. Fenya al'Caem

    Congrats Idine and Rhyin!

  11. Fenya al'Caem

    Congrats Seryse and Arinna!

    Congratulations you two!!!!
  12. Fenya al'Caem

    Congratulations, Feros Sandulf Gaidin of San d'ma Shadar!

    Congratulations @Feros Sandulf!
  13. Fenya al'Caem

    Congratulations, Seryse Sedai of the Green Ajah!

  14. Fenya al'Caem

    Happy Hour with Tree - UPCOMING Dates: April 25th 8pm Eastern

    You participated in the chat, I think that counts!
  15. Fenya al'Caem

    Congratulations, Morwynna Sedai!

  16. Fenya al'Caem

    Who wants a EUROPARTY?!?!? Bids Open.

    There definitely needs to be commemorative t-shirts! (also: yessssssss floof!!!!!)