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  1. Mieriana Souvra

    Season 2 predictions! (with major Book and season 1 spoilers)

    Have to give the people what they want!!
  2. Mieriana Souvra

    Relief for Hurricane Ian

    I have lived through what the people of Fort Myers are going through right now, and I need to find a way to help them. I have put together a fundraiser on Facebook to raise money for Project HOPE, which is a group that is responding to the emergency situation in Florida. Please consider donating...
  3. Mieriana Souvra

    …But it was *an* ending…

    Thanks for all you've done! It's been a pleasure serving as your Keeper!
  4. Mieriana Souvra

    S1E3 "A Place of Safety" -- w/ Book Spoilers

    Yeah definitely. I remember being surprised in the books like wow I had no idea you were in love. This is working out better!
  5. Mieriana Souvra

    Resignation of the Keeper of the Chronicles

    Thanks, guys. I do love this job, so I'm sad to have to give it up, but thank you all for the kind words! <3 <3
  6. Mieriana Souvra

    Message from the Board of Directors

    Thank you both!
  7. Mieriana Souvra

    Alyria Ess and Calen Valervron

  8. Mieriana Souvra

    Welcoming the Fall Hall!

    Thank you to the Spring Hall for all your work! It is time for the Fall Hall to begin. Welcome to our new and returning Sitters & Councillors! Blue: Juliya Karisu and Leilwyn al'Raen Brown: Yelenia Hylraren and Rhed al'Tere Gray: Siera al'Cere and Imzadi Hopewind Green: Arisaema Draconis and...
  9. Mieriana Souvra

    First Trailer Discussion: What do you NOT like? (aka: let's get salty)

    Agreed! For the rings, the only part I like is now I can understand why they can't just turn them around to hide them when they want to. I also like that they are in your face like "HEY I'M AN AES SEDAI" but I don't really like large, bulky rings. I'm happy with my traditional ouroboros! A more...
  10. Mieriana Souvra

    First Trailer!

    It looks awesome! I think the White Tower looks huuuuuge!
  11. Mieriana Souvra

    2021 Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship Recipients!

    Congratulations to them both! Well done! Thank you to everyone who entered and participated in this year's scholarship. :)
  12. Mieriana Souvra

    Merits, July 2021

  13. Mieriana Souvra

    2021 Membership Survey

    Seems like it is working okay for most people, for anyone who is having this pop up issue, open it up in an incognito/private browser and that should fix it for you.
  14. Mieriana Souvra

    2021 Membership Survey

    There is a sign in link at the bottom right of the pop up that prompts you to sign in.
  15. Mieriana Souvra

    2021 Membership Survey

    It's time! The Membership Survey is back, and we want to hear from you! The survey will close at 10pm EDT on June 30th. For those of you who are newer to TarValon.Net and have not seen the Membership Survey before, it is a form consisting of questions related to your experience at...
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    Thank You, Volunteers!

    Thanks, Melorea! There are only two forums that are opt-in. News & Politics and Spirituality & Religion. You can see them here on the Discussion Halls category page description and there is a link to the opt-in/opt-out form as well.
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    Thank You, Volunteers!

    We wanted to take a minute to recognize the great work accomplished by the fantastic volunteers this past year! Thank you! See below a list of completed efforts by our teams. Some of these will be ongoing, plus we have more in progress & upcoming! Member Activity Improvements Book discussion...
  18. Mieriana Souvra

    The Great Charity Hunt: Tracking

    This is awesome, guys!! Way to be Servants of All- keep up the great work!!