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  1. Bryce al'Mara

    Congrats Soldier Ty!

    Everyone congratulate Ty the newest soldier. Congrats Ty you and Kaldam can suffer Atreyu's torture together I mean training.
  2. Bryce al'Mara

    Congrats Soldier Kaldam!

    Everyone congratulate Kaldam the newest Soldier!!!!! Congrats, Atreyu will take care of you.
  3. Bryce al'Mara

    Congrats Soldier Padron!!!!!

    Everyone congratulate my young pupil Padron on stepping up the ranks to Soldier. Atreyu will teach you well and Stephen and I will still find time to beat some smarts into you in our barracks. :)
  4. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations Soldier Midian!!!!!

    Everyone Congratulate Midian on making the next step to becoming a Man I mean Gaidin. Great job Midian I look forward to seeing you work the rest of the way up through the ranks.
  5. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations Soldier Verscen!!!!

    Congrats Verscen it is time for you to move to the next rank. You will do awesome stay out of trouble and Atreyu will take it semi easy on you. :P
  6. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations Soldier Alcyon!

    Everyone Congratulate Alcyon on making it to Soldier. Alcyon all your hard work has finally paid off keep it up. :)
  7. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations Soldier Quinlan!

    Everyone Congratulate Quinlan on making it to Soldier. Congrats Quinlan it is time for you to take your next step. :)
  8. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations Soldier Vendri!

    For everyone who didn't get a chance to congratulate Vendri the last few days of the old boards, here's your chance. Congrats Vendri Atreyu will take good care of you. :)
  9. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations Soldier Drake!

    Everyone Congratulate Drake on advancing to Soldier. Drake fun times are over get ready to start your serious training. :)
  10. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations Soldier Bandasar!

    Congrats to Bandasar on being the newest Soldier. H was raised live at a local event between some Tower members this last weekend and fought all the way until the end. I'm proud of him. Good luck on the next part of your journey with Adlus.
  11. Bryce al'Mara

    Congrats Soldier Venric!

    Congrats Venric on becoming a Soldier. May the Force be with you, even if it the dark side of the force. Good luck with Aldus. i hope you stick around for the remainder of the free week though, if not I understand. :)
  12. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations, Soldier Alaren!

    Congrats Alaren on becoming a Soldier. Aldus will make a man out of you yet. Best of luck! :)
  13. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations, Soldier Mical

    Congrats on being made a soldier Mical. Aldus will take good care of you.
  14. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations, Soldier Tazren!

    Congrats Tazren, The new Captain Aldus will whip you into shape. if things get too bad I might let you hide in my office. Good luck. :)
  15. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations, Soldier Pol!

    Congrats Pol on being made a Soldier. Best of luck, and try not to hack anyone's limbs that doesn't deserve it. :)
  16. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations, Soldier Jas'yn!

    Congratulations Jas'yn on reaching the rank of Soldier. it is time to pass you on to Deoan. Remember to stay out of trouble and if you can't you better not get caught. :)
  17. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations, Soldier Stephen!

    Congratulations to Stephen on being raised to the rank of Soldier. Good luck, you'll need it with Captain Deoan. He's gonna whip you into shape.
  18. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations, Soldier Nethanel

    Congratulations to Nethanel or Mr. Red as he is commonly known on being raised to Soldier! I wish you the best of luck. Try to stay out of trouble.