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  1. Bryce al'Mara

    2015 Re-Readalong: Eye of the World and The Great Hunt

    Re: 2015 Re-Readalong: EoTW, Prologue - Chapter 6 I just found this thread I started a reread in new years but I'm already on CH 10 book 2 so I'm going to try to wait til you guys catch up.
  2. Bryce al'Mara

    Newbie Alert!

    Welcome to TV i m totally digging your last name on here can't get much better. How are you liking it here so far?
  3. Bryce al'Mara

    Hiring: Captain of Recruits

    Thank you everyone and good luck to everyone who applies. :) It is a very rewarding and fun position to have.
  4. Bryce al'Mara

    Congrats Soldier Ty!

    Everyone congratulate Ty the newest soldier. Congrats Ty you and Kaldam can suffer Atreyu's torture together I mean training.
  5. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations to new Aes Sedai!!

    Congrats thats awesome. :)
  6. Bryce al'Mara

    Congrats Soldier Kaldam!

    Im glad to its Ive had a few recently a good farewell parting for me.
  7. Bryce al'Mara

    Congrats Soldier Kaldam!

    Everyone congratulate Kaldam the newest Soldier!!!!! Congrats, Atreyu will take care of you.
  8. Bryce al'Mara

    Tar Valon's Got Talent - Junior Member Competition

    Lets get the show on the road. I cant wait to see everyone's entries.
  9. Bryce al'Mara

    Congrats Soldier Padron!!!!!

    Everyone congratulate my young pupil Padron on stepping up the ranks to Soldier. Atreyu will teach you well and Stephen and I will still find time to beat some smarts into you in our barracks. :)
  10. Bryce al'Mara

    Announcing our Fall Ball 2013 location!

    Bryher be there :)
  11. Bryce al'Mara

    Announcing our Fall Ball 2013 location!

  12. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations Soldier Midian!!!!!

    Everyone Congratulate Midian on making the next step to becoming a Man I mean Gaidin. Great job Midian I look forward to seeing you work the rest of the way up through the ranks.
  13. Bryce al'Mara

    Announcing the New Co-Tower Historian

    Congrats and thanks Kerna for all your hard work you did a phenomenal job.
  14. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations, Bryce, our Membership Administrator of the Year!

    I am quite surprised and grateful thank you. :)
  15. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations Soldier Verscen!!!!

    Congrats Verscen it is time for you to move to the next rank. You will do awesome stay out of trouble and Atreyu will take it semi easy on you. :P
  16. Bryce al'Mara

    Congratulations Kelgan, Winner of the Moderator of the Year Award!

    Congrats Kelgan, youve done a fantastic job.