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  1. Sephi Vardin

    Which series should I read?

    I'm not sure where to even start. Could someone give me suggestions?
  2. Sephi Vardin

    Sephis latter book musings

    This will be just like my other thread, except about books 9 to 14, and the prequel. Book 9 has done it. Its the second time this series has approached what I see as true greatness! (the other time was dragon reborn. Though my favorite moments in the series might arguably be the ones from the...
  3. Sephi Vardin

    Sephi's Musings

    This'll be a thread where I just post my opinions of the first 8 books, as I read them. I'm currently on book 6, lord of Chaos. So to start this thread off right... I'm going to copy/paste various things I've said on reddit about the series so far and see how many fans get their pitchforks and...
  4. Sephi Vardin

    Blood and ashes!

    I'm nervous as heck about joining this site for some reason @_@ but eager to make friends who also follow the wheel of time series! My name is Chris, but I prefer to be called Sephi. I'm 30 years old and started reading the books about a month or two ago, and I'm at book six so far. (I'm a wee...