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    Ok I haven't seen this all together in one place anywhere, so I've assembled a list of all the actors coming up for season two: Confirmed roles: Ayoola Smart - Aviendha Ceara Coveney - Elayne Trakand Salle Salee - Elsa Treehill (speculation: combined Else and Nicola) You-ri Yamanaka - "Min's...
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    Vital characters (includes book spoilers)

    I like combining Moghedien and Mesaana.
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    Reason Barney left?

    Not that the cast could access. This was roundly debunked by people like Geeky Eri (iirc). It only cropped up as a theory months later when vaccines were widely available. For example, in this thread that started more than a year after vaccines were available in the US based on an article...
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    Crew Members

    I know of a couple directors for season 2 (unconfirmed, but reliably reported, so here's what I know of them so far: David Lowery: He directed The Green Knight with Dev Patel, which is definitely a YMMV film but is undeniably gorgeous. I think inside the context of a big-budget show like Wheel...
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    [casts spell: resurrect] we've had a bunch of confirmed and rumored castings recently, so I figured I'd bump this up so we can discuss! Ayoola Smart as Aviendha. Boy are people having .... reactions. And I'm just sitting here delighted. She's a natural ginger, she's Irish, and the clips I've...
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    Reason Barney left?

    It's not because he wouldn't get vaccinated. There was no vaccine available at the time he left.
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    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    I commissioned an artist to do an illustration of me for all my WoT-related things (same artist as current avatar). Here's the old one: and here's the new one:
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    WoT video

    I loved playing Lord of the Rings Online so I wouldn't mind a Wheel of Time MMO. The MMO space is so hard to break into, though-- they go from boomtown to ghost-town so fast.
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    LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Television Series

    I broke down crying from happiness
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    I love this show's audio descriptions

    a whole bunch of #TwitterOfTime people are very much encouraging sighted people to use the audio descriptions, too, so that Amazon can see how much the service is appreciated. As someone with auditory processing issues I always have captions on, and I'm constantly surprised by how much people...
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    Post Show Recaps covering The Wheel of Time TV Series

    It took a bit for The Mary Sue to post the next two recaps, but here are the ones for 2 and 3 ^_^ 4 should be coming up soon, and I sent 5 in last night.
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    Yes, called "Saidar, Saidin, Stone" I could actually understand the words in this one, but still no captions.
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    S1E4: "The Dragon Reborn" - w/Book Spoilers

    Sarah Nakamura confirmed Logain can't see Nynaeve's weaving, just was reacting to the shockwave she sent out, as well as the fact she had to have split a Healing weave six different ways.
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    S1E4: "The Dragon Reborn" - w/Book Spoilers

    I've re-watched it three more times and it just keeps getting better and better. I loved the first three, but I think this one really shows off the writing team and their vision for the show. It's so cool to me that they used an incredible amount of source material in order to "reconstruct" what...
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    S1E4: "The Dragon Reborn" - w/Book Spoilers

    omg I loved every single micro second of this episode. One of my favorite things about it is how they've actually given a fair rendering of Way of the Leaf / non-violence / pacifism. Very often in shows where our protagonists are fine with using violence, the pacifists are depicted as naive...
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    LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Television Series

    mlm AND polyamory? [gimme hands]
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    Rafe Judkins (showrunner) AMA

    I think my favorite thing to come out of the AMA is ha! I was RIGHT! There was a "purist" thread awhile back where someone was complaining about moving the ruby from the pommel to the quillions, and I theorized that it was likely due to the pommel not being visible on film. Rafe just said they...
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    Post Show Recaps covering The Wheel of Time TV Series

    My recap of episode 1 is up!
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    That effect could be achieved with Renaissance-era textile technology; "printing" it is just fast and cheap. It's becoming an incredibly popular way for people to get unique fabrics, especially during the pandemic when making international trips everywhere is ... difficult.
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    I looked for differences but didn't spot any.