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  1. Myralin al'Ser

    Integration information

    Hi, I was just wondering if there's a thread/post where all the information concerning integration can be found? Such as how the new guesting system will work, info about the new mentor system, how titles will be decided, etc. I've been able to piece most of it together based on what I've seen...
  2. Myralin al'Ser

    Senior Member Avatars

    What are the rules/regulations on making some minor changes to an avatar if you're a senior member (i.e. color change, crop, etc)? Also, where can I find this information for future reference? It might just be because it's really late and I'm half asleep, but I couldn't seem to find it.
  3. Myralin al'Ser


    Is there a way to do code on these new boards? When I tried to do it with an image in the middle, it just showed the image, not the url.
  4. Myralin al'Ser

    Which book Ajah do you think you belong to?

    Which book Ajah do you think you would belong to and why? If you are an Aes Sedai on the site, did you pick the same site Ajah? Why or why not? I think I'd be stuck somewhere between Brown, Blue, and Green. I love to read, but library work is just plain boring. :look I think I'd want to be out...