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  1. Laurien Achaur

    Laurien's Journey Through The Shadow Rising

    Chapter 1: Seeds of Shadow - No prologue this time. Interesting! - Siuan's admission that they're trying to steer Rand is infuriating, but it has me shaking my head. The Tower's hubris is going to come around to bite them in a big way pretty soon, I think. - Poor Min! Now she's going to have to...
  2. Laurien Achaur

    Laurien's Journey Through The Dragon Reborn

    Alright, everyone, you know the drill by now! I'll try to be better at keeping up here during this read than I was for the last one. :lol Prologue: Fortress of the Light - Light, I can't help but hate the Whitecloaks. I don't even have Geofram Bornhald to slightly appreciate anymore. Their...
  3. Laurien Achaur

    Laurien's Journey Through The Great Hunt

    Here I go with Book Two, everyone! Thank you for coming along :D3 I may try something a little different this time and post a summary of my thoughts after I read through each chapter (which is what I'm going to do with the prologue right now) rather than a play by play, just to smooth out my own...
  4. Laurien Achaur

    Laurien's Journey through EotW

    Greetings, all! A few people suggested I keep updates going of my first trip through the books. I figured I'd do just that here; it keeps me reading consistently and feeds the veteran readers' nostalgia, so why not? ;) This thread will be sort of a stream-of-consciousness as I make my way...
  5. Laurien Achaur

    First Time readers - should New Spring be read First?

    Hello, Tar Valon! Before I get too far into EotW, I'm curious - would it be wise to read New Spring first, for the sake of chronological order? Or would you recommend just starting with EotW and reading in order of publishing? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :)
  6. Laurien Achaur

    A Beginner in Every Way

    My greetings to the White Tower (and Happy Holidays)! I am Laurien Achaur, and I must confess that a little blue bird pointed me your way (Twitter). I'm coming to you from the desert Southwest of the USA, and I am a brand new fan of the Wheel of Time universe, having been drawn in by the show...