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  1. Amirah al’Moor

    Hello everyone

    Hi, and welcome! I love Nynaeve too. She might not have been the most technically skilled healer in the books, but she was definitely the most determined.
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    Thank you for putting all that together!
  3. Amirah al’Moor

    Servant of all... Always!

    This is such a good idea! I’ve been worried about attendance, and I could totally see it being done during the intermission of our yearly musical, which typically has crazy high ticket sales. Thank you so much for the ideas!
  4. Amirah al’Moor

    Just took my dog hiking for the first time! She did so well and only pulled a bit when passed by...

    Just took my dog hiking for the first time! She did so well and only pulled a bit when passed by another dog. Super fun day!
  5. Amirah al’Moor

    Congratulations to Stasia, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah!

    Congratulations Stasia Sedai!
  6. Amirah al’Moor


    Those are all very good snack options. I might just have to make them a reality, and set myself up a snack tray. I do love cheese. And I hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend as well!
  7. Amirah al’Moor


    Thanks for getting me a drink Demonfaer Sedai, and thank you Viktara, for such a warm welcome! I think my favorite animal’s to see are the Bald Eagles. They are always active and each has there own story and personality. I’ll keep it short, but I could talk about them for ages. :)
  8. Amirah al’Moor

    Servant of all... Always!

    I am working with my principal to set up a charity art auction featuring high school artists and environmental activism. It’s not much more then a concept yet, but I have some meetings set up later this month, and I am really looking forward to it.
  9. Amirah al’Moor

    Servant of all... Always!

    I volunteer at my local wild life park! It is so fun, and they rely a lot on volunteers to help with events and day to day education work. I get to carry around bio-facts and teach people about the animals and how we interact with and affect the world around us. I’m also working an a community...
  10. Amirah al’Moor

    Season 2 predictions! (with major Book and season 1 spoilers)

    I think we might end up seeing Bayle Domon, or at least some kind of ship captain. I’m not sure if Mar is still tied to the dagger or not, but I think he is gonna get picked up by Thom in Tar Valon and end up on Bayle’s ship bound for Illian. From there they get captured by the Seanchan, and are...
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    Yeah, it is said pretty much the same way. I didn’t realize anyone had already picked a name so similar.
  12. Amirah al’Moor


    Hello folks. I go by Amirah or Mira, whichever is easier. I live in Washington state and am a senior in high school. I have been a fan of the Wheel of Time since 5th grade. I love art and science, and am hoping to become an ecologist. My favorite character in the Wheel of time is kind of a toss...