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  1. Thaddius al'Guy

    A New Map for the Wheel of Time

    When the old map came from the big white book, it was done from the perspective of in-world (allegedly), so information was wrong a lot. I'm glad to finally see an updated world map that looks great and is as close to what Jordan had envisioned that we'll ever get. We speak briefly on the map in...
  2. Thaddius al'Guy

    September - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

    My dad is currently going through this. Has a appointment in a few weeks to see if what the Doctor saw is cancerous so we're hoping it's nothing.
  3. Thaddius al'Guy

    Hello from the southeast US

    Hey Zoul, Fellow south easterner here as well. I’m over in Atlanta. I’ve been a fan of the books since about that time as well. Glad to have you here.
  4. Thaddius al'Guy

    Congratulations to our new Company Commander of Val Cueran!

    Congrats, my dude. Thanks be to Alora for running the show for as long as I have been around. An overall outstanding CC.
  5. Thaddius al'Guy

    Welcome to the Ring, Viktara!

    welcome, welcome.
  6. Thaddius al'Guy

    Congratulations Delara Sedai

  7. Thaddius al'Guy

    Congratulations to the Tar Valon Talks Staff!

    Welcome, welcome. I have kept the seats warm.
  8. Thaddius al'Guy

    Congratulations Leala Sedai of the Green Ajah!

    Thank you for thanking me.
  9. Thaddius al'Guy

    [Closed] Hiring: Tar Valon Talks Staff

    You'll also get to work with me. Are you ready to talk WoT? I am.
  10. Thaddius al'Guy

    JordanCon Made Me Do It

    I was at both the Origins panel and the Igloo, Bond, Balefire panels. @Merena Orithana was with me at both of those as well. They were great panels. I'm really looking forward to the Origins book later this year.
  11. Thaddius al'Guy

    JordanCon Made Me Do It

    What was your favorite thing from the con?
  12. Thaddius al'Guy

    JordanCon Made Me Do It

    Yeah, JordanCon made me do it too, and I'm still here. Welcome!