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  1. Thaddius al'Guy

    Stormlight Archive re-read

    I don't know about anyone else, but it's been probably a decade since I read Way of Kings. In the past, every time I wanted to read it again, I'd lament at the size of the book and just go re-read the chapter summaries on the Coppermind instead. I didn't even finish Oathbringer until the day...
  2. Thaddius al'Guy

    Brandon Sanderson: Free Short Fiction

    THIS THREAD IS INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! PLEASE DO NOT POST! Want to sample the work of Brandon Sanderson? Never read anything of his before? Here is a short list of short stories that he has made free on his website. He even has a free version of Warbreaker as well, which will be listed...
  3. Thaddius al'Guy

    Brandon Sanderson Bibliography

    THIS THREAD IS INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! PLEASE DO NOT POST! This thread is being posted for new and old readers of Brandon Sanderson's books. This is a list of everything that he has written thus far. There is no order in which the list is made, but I wanted to have it here for users to be...
  4. Thaddius al'Guy

    The Great Mistborn Read-along of 2019/2020 *Bands of Mourning*

    Greetings and hello! Enough of us have shown interest in reading or re-reading Mistborn, so I figured we'd have a thread where we can do a read-along! We'll set a pace for everyone to read together, but do not let that stop you from getting further ahead if you so desire! For the time being...
  5. Thaddius al'Guy

    Hello everyone!

    I'm that guy. The one who wandered into your toast last night with no idea what it was. I'm a long time WoT fan. I've participated on several other sites like WoTmania and the like. After last night I was told I can never leave, so here I am.