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  1. Ashara Koh'inor

    Congratulations to Stasia, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah!

    Congratulations to you and Green!!!
  2. Ashara Koh'inor

    Congratulations to our new Yellow Head of Ajah!

    Awesome job Idine :hug Congratualtions @Raina Tsornin
  3. Ashara Koh'inor

    [Open] Hiring: Head of Gray Ajah - applications due 19 August

    Thank you for all the hard work and dedication Mai!
  4. Ashara Koh'inor

    Congratulations to our new Company Commander of Val Cueran!

    @Alora Sionn you are one hell of a leader and will continue to be the reigning mama wolf (and we know you've trained him well lol). Love you! @Madhar al'Thera you are going to be amazing!
  5. Ashara Koh'inor

    Welcome to the Ring, Laurien!

  6. Ashara Koh'inor

    Congratulations to Ashara Koh'inor and Madhar al'Thera!

    Thank you everyone!!! :grouphug:
  7. Ashara Koh'inor

    Congratulations, Soldier Chiema!

  8. Ashara Koh'inor

    Welcome to the Ring, Nadezhda!

  9. Ashara Koh'inor

    Welcome to the Ring, Seryse!

  10. Ashara Koh'inor

    Congratulations, Soldier Mejjad!

    Congratulations :wave:ha:wave:ha
  11. Ashara Koh'inor

    Good day!

    Hello and Welcome! We’re glad you found us and have been enjoying the books! Out of the 9 you’ve read thus far do you have a particular favorite?
  12. Ashara Koh'inor

    Rhyin al'Hut - You have been summoned!

    Happy dance! I am so excited you are here! :wave:ha
  13. Ashara Koh'inor

    New Merch Drop!

    Fine just TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!
  14. Ashara Koh'inor

    Veriendha al'Riaha - You have been summoned!

    YASSSSSSS my pocket princess! Welcome to the Tower love!
  15. Ashara Koh'inor

    Raevyn Tsornin and Sean Dragoran

  16. Ashara Koh'inor

    What Ajah Does Your Wardrobe Place You?

    Black and Gray :shifty
  17. Ashara Koh'inor

    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    Elania it is gorgeous! It makes me smile :hug