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  1. Merena Orithana

    Congratulations to Stasia, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah!

    Congratulations Stasia!! :green1:
  2. Merena Orithana

    I think I might need to update mine soon... So many siggies, so little time!

    I think I might need to update mine soon... So many siggies, so little time!
  3. Merena Orithana


    ....waits suspiciously in corner....
  4. Merena Orithana

    [Closed] Hiring: Reports Manager (7/22-8/5)

    Wow! So shiny! 😍
  5. Merena Orithana

    Welcome to the Ring, Laurien!

    Congrats to you Laurien!! :yay:
  6. Merena Orithana

    Hello all!

    Nice! My favorite so far is the inheritance trilogy!
  7. Merena Orithana

    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    That is great - and I love that it has green touches!
  8. Merena Orithana

    Greetings from Northern New Jersey!

    Hello and welcome to Tar Valon!
  9. Merena Orithana

    Merry meet to all :)

    Welcome to Tar Valon Hazel!
  10. Merena Orithana

    Hello all!

    Welcome Joel! What is your favorite Jemisin series?
  11. Merena Orithana

    Many Merits - July 2022

    Congrats everyone!
  12. Merena Orithana

    Forum Reorganization (coming the weekend of August 6th!)

    This is a great idea - looks like it will be more intuitive to use!
  13. Merena Orithana

    Announcing our new City Council!

    Congrats and Thank you!!
  14. Merena Orithana

    [Major Book Spoilers] Elaida Merged with Liandrin fan theory.....(book!verse versus tv!verse)

    Yes! I love that implication that the other Ajahs are just as much to blame for the Tower's troubles as the Black Ajah. Really makes you think about longstanding systems headed up by people with tons of power. I hope this happens, as well. I think their two storylines would merge well...
  15. Merena Orithana

    Maiden Hand Talk

    This would be great! I hope that basing it off an existing language will make it more impactful. I was also worried they would just get rid of that plot point altogether, as it may be difficult to explain.
  16. Merena Orithana

    Vital characters (includes book spoilers)

    Yes - especially since they already changed the catalyst for his hatred of violence, why not also this? It would have to be some sort of major event, though, and I worry that what they come up with will affect other plot lines... :look:
  17. Merena Orithana

    Congratulations Delara Sedai

    Congrats again Delara!!