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  1. Zeela Graystone

    How did you first find up about wot?

    Twenty years ago (WOW!) I found Eye of the World in the back seat of a friend's car; it looked well-loved so I announced that I was borrowing it. When I returned it, he asked if I wanted the second one. My response: There are MORE??!!!?! YES.
  2. Zeela Graystone

    Favorite Reaction Videos?

    I have really enjoyed watching reaction videos on YouTube of people watching the WoT episodes, sharing their reactions and show theories. Do any of you watch these too? Who are your favorites? Part of it is that people talk over the show, so it's best if you have seen the show first and...
  3. Zeela Graystone

    What Ajah Does Your Wardrobe Place You?

    My wardrobe is mostly gray, brown, and blue, in that order.
  4. Zeela Graystone


    I just figured out what the little icon meant that I had been tagged in a post, I’m not ignoring everyone on purpose! Hopefully I can get this multi-tag thing to work. @Alexr al'Petros @Arella Mathara One of my favorites so far is Pandaren Rice Pudding. It uses Arborio rice, so it's...
  5. Zeela Graystone


    Hi all! I'm a long-time Wheel of Time fan and somehow just recently discovered this site. I have read the entire series a few times, and several of the books a few extra times out of order. I've also been following every tiny hint of a tv series for many many years and I am SO excited that it...