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  1. Corraidhín Koh'inor

    Rhyin al'Hut - You have been summoned!

    Congratulations, Rhyin!
  2. Corraidhín Koh'inor


    I know Rhyin! He also knows a lot about microbreweries and blue cheese burgers!! One of the friendliest people I’ve met in a long time!!!
  3. Corraidhín Koh'inor

    Hello There...

    Thank you! I’m excited to be here!
  4. Corraidhín Koh'inor

    Hey all!

    Hurray for native Texans!
  5. Corraidhín Koh'inor


    Hello, I’m new too, and also drawn here by my other half.
  6. Corraidhín Koh'inor

    Hello There...

    Ha ha. Coincidentally, mine too! Thank you and everyone for the warm welcome.
  7. Corraidhín Koh'inor

    Hello There...

    Yes, at our first JordanCon, you claimed responsibility for getting Ashara so involved with the site
  8. Corraidhín Koh'inor

    Hello There...

    Yes, Ashara and I always wanted to cosplay at JordanCon as Amys and Rhuarc!
  9. Corraidhín Koh'inor

    Hello There...

    Hello there. My journey to the Wheel was guided by my wife and partner, Ashara Koh'inor. Through her, I have come to know the world created by Robert Jordan and have since found my own way into his stories. My name on Tar is of Gaelic origin meaning "little spear." The choice of this...