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  1. Dorian Rei

    Morality of Gentling... (spoilers for up to book 8)

    What I'm getting from this thread is that every option is really just utter crap, enforced and perpetuated by situational expedient necessity, fear, and ritual. All across the board, nobody really did it right because there was always a better option that just wasn't practical at the time that...
  2. Dorian Rei

    Lack of dragon mythology

    I was actually a little disappointed that there were no actual dragons anywhere to be seen in the books. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me in WoT lore could tell me this is wrong, but I've yet to hear whisper of it... but it goes along with a theme I've noticed about the books. Aside...
  3. Dorian Rei

    Lord of Chaos [(!! book 6 spoilers!!)]

    I actually didn't really care for LoC that much. A lot of really awesome stuff happened, and I REALLY liked that, but there was a LOT of filler, and this is the first book (I think - they're starting to blur together in my memory) that started seeming to drag...
  4. Dorian Rei

    Who is your favorite villain?

    I don't really have a "favorite" villain, but I absolutely cannot stand the Children of the Light. When I read chapters with them in, I cringe the whole way through, loathing every moment that they exist. In real life, one thing that gets me going is someone having painfully obvious facts...
  5. Dorian Rei

    Wierd Question: When Jordan describes age of legends..........????

    I like this. In tolkien's mythology, there was the years of the Lamps, years of the Trees, and the Years of the Sun before the first 3 ages, and the current age is assumed to be the 4th. Tolkien also has an apocalypse story for "the unknown future". That's 7 ages, and a Breaking of the World (or...
  6. Dorian Rei

    Which is your favorite of the first 4 books?

    I'm on Shadow Rising right now, reading the series for the first time. So far, I haven't liked it as much as I did Dragon Reborn. DR had everything I love a book to have, and right now SR is introducing a lot of new info that I'm having a hard time keeping track of, because it's all coming...
  7. Dorian Rei

    Funniest Moments in Books 1-4

    Augh... I'm reading all these funny parts as I go, and thinking of this thread, but I forget to post it when I have the opportunity, and when I remember, I forget the parts... :( There was one recently that made me really laugh out loud and got some good looks from people around me..... I'm...
  8. Dorian Rei

    VERY first impressions of WoT

    heh heh. I try really hard not to ruin things for myself, but every now and then I just HAVE to go look something up. I hate it. But I can't resist not knowing. xP
  9. Dorian Rei

    Funniest Moments in Books 1-4

    This. yes. all the lulz. :rofl That one was fun to try to imagine! I don't think I quite laughed, but it was entertaining. :P
  10. Dorian Rei

    Well guess I'm hooked now

    lol I feel bad about myself now! xP:look
  11. Dorian Rei

    Men and women : difference feminism in the Wheel of Time

    THIS. One of the quickest ways to REALLY piss me off is to assume something of me that I did not intend/mean/explicitly say. Especially when someone assumes that I'm thinking something or holding a specific opinion, attitude, or motivation. By doing that they are setting up false identities of...
  12. Dorian Rei

    Hi! New account, giving Tar Valon a 2nd try. :)

    ooooohhhhhhh shiiiiinnyyyyyyyy.... :D
  13. Dorian Rei

    What accent do you hear when reading WoT?

    This has actually been a hard thing for me lately. I just started reading the books for the first time ever. I'm coming into them from being a HUUUUUGE Tolkein fan. Being a Ringer is a joy because the Professor was a linguist and made (I think) a lot of his pronunciations very clear, and his...
  14. Dorian Rei

    VERY first impressions of WoT

    I feel bad, but I don't remember throwing rocks at crows... when is that part? or maybe I haven't got there yet?
  15. Dorian Rei

    Thank you! :D

    Thank you! :D
  16. Dorian Rei

    Hi! New account, giving Tar Valon a 2nd try. :)

    ok, done. I think. wasn't there another one or two that you made?
  17. Dorian Rei

    Reporting 'Dodgy' Members

    Heehee, this thread went exactly where I hoped it'd end up at. ^^ :giggle would people here april fools flag someone everyone knows and loves as "dodgy"? maybe that wouldn't be all that great a prank... :\
  18. Dorian Rei

    Hi! New account, giving Tar Valon a 2nd try. :)

    Kel - haha, thanks for your concern! I'm still debating if I want this to actually be my avatar... I like Sephiroth, but he's Sephiroth... a well-established video game character. meh. also: vm? .... I'll get on the sigs eventually. btw, because I can.... :trout Mari - idk myself. I can't see...
  19. Dorian Rei

    Hi! New account, giving Tar Valon a 2nd try. :)

    I just sent in my citizenship application. :D